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See "Stupid".
Then get round house kicked.
Wow, you must really be retarded if you look up retarded in the Urban Dictionary.
by Samuel Crushington, Ph.D. January 12, 2011
An adjective that may describe something that seems significantly unfair, disbalancing, or otherwise unreasonable, often resulting in frustration from those who have to deal with it, and joy for those in whose favor it works. Often associated with games, or particular aspects of games.
"Argh, this boss is retarded! He is, like, impossible to beat!"

"Man, don't play with Kevin. He always uses a retarded army list, and will have you beaten in like two turns."

"...and just when it seemed like I was going to get my ass handed to me, I popped out an absolutely retarded number of marines and pushed him all the way back to his base."
by Icebreed September 01, 2008
Something or someone that is considered slow. This can be slow-minded or slow-moving. It is also something that is used as a slang term when describing a person or a thing that is considered silly or foolish.
My teacher told me that I need to do my homework on Saturday night, that is so retarded!

Michael is handicapped and it makes him a little slow, but if you call him retarded he'll run after you with a giant stick and make you take it back!
by CutiefromKilleen December 17, 2007
Somone mentally challenged, brain does not function normally, takes a while to answer questions, is extremely guillable
1. Tom Cruise is retarded enough to beleive in scientology
2. Lukes retardedness crept out and hit me
3. That person is so retarded it took him a minute to tell me the time
by Will Kelly May 20, 2007
When your drive way needs a new coat of tar so you retarded.
Guy1: why cant we walk on your driveway again?

Guy2: cuz we retarded

Guy1: ooo so you put a new coat of tar on it.

Guy2: yup
by Ballzak May 10, 2007
Definition: Gordon Brown. Gordon Brown is the worlds biggest retard for making Britain a living hell and absolutly pissing us all off.
Daniel: "Who the fuck is Gordon Brown?"
David: "the world biggest retard, he is so motherfucking retarded!"
by lossieloon2 February 05, 2009
A term used to describe an infectious rap/hip-hop beat that is so phat it makes one's head jerk violently as if he/she were severely mentally handicapped.

The effects of such beats can be extremely amusing if viewed from a distance (while driving, for example), particularly if the person who's neck is snappin' has no idea whatsoever that they are being watched. Sometimes, however, this cannot be controlled.
"Yo did you hear that new Timbaland joint? That beat is totally retarded man."
by M Rockwell January 26, 2007