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1) (n) An unguided bomb fitted with vanes at the aft end to retard (slow) its rate of descent. Designed to be dropped from low altitudes, the vanes (air brakes) allow the delivery aircraft to egress without being struck by fragments from it's own ordnance upon detonation.

2) (v) Leaving an unsavory traveling companion someplace other than your intended destination.

3) (n) A poorly told, or otherwise untenable, joke which, once told, lays there like an unexploded bomb while the jokester prays someone can come along to defuse the situation.
1) The F4U screamed across the treetops and dropped a stick of retarded bombs on the SAM site, much to the SAM crew's displeasure.

2) "Larry was whining again so I retarded bombed the bus stop on my way here."

3) Joker: "... and the guy says 'that's not my dog.'"
Crickets: "chirp"
Joker: "Tough crowd."
#bomb #airstrike #dump #drop #abandon #die #lay an egg
by Chumbucket October 25, 2006
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