Also known as an American
Peter the retard is American so he can't count past 4
#american #retard #dumbass #stupid #1 #2 #3 #4
by maxmoefoe June 09, 2010
A person with many disabilities.
Will be confused forever.
I sure do feel bad for Nicholas over there, because he is a retard.
#dumb #stupid #poor #nicholas #nick
by Awsome though January 08, 2015
ReTard n. Portmanteu of "Republican" and "retard". Someone who, intoxicated by an assumption about being knowlegable and right about politics and economics, forgets that they need to get actual real ordinary people to support them if their agenda is to be advanced. Often but not always middle class, easily led and with poor insight to society's problems, and naive about the mechanics of politics and utterly ignorant about how power actually works.
The Tea Party is utterly ReTarded
#libtard #contard #reptard #retard #stupid
by ConBasher July 19, 2014
The modern equivalent of attention-whoring, infiltrating reactionary College Republicans: In the 1980's people like Grover Norquist, Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed infiltrated college campuses passing out phony-populist, pro-corporatist and anti-leftist pamphlets and material. This was counter and reactionary to the counterculture or hippie movement a decade earlier. Today they do this kind of thing on the internet, infiltrating forums and other websites, proselytizing their backward messages. We already know what the R stands for, the etard is the web equivalent of these types.
FreedomWorks maintains an army of R-etards to constantly whine and bitch about the federal government in their relentless proection of the profits of companies who outsource jobs.
#freedomworks #republican #norquist #abramoff #rove #college #reed #taxes #tea party #phony #populist
by DEDC August 09, 2011
One who posts a definition on UrbanDictionary of a word that's already been defined on UrbanDictionary
Person 1: X is a letter of the alphabet
Person 2: X is a letter of the alphabet
Person3: Person 1 and 2 are retarded.
#retarded #retard #faggot #stupid #moron
by Namenlos12345 November 28, 2010
Someone who is very stupid. Also means jackass in a slightly more appropriate way.
Kid 1: Hey dude.

Kid 2: Hello. How's it going?

K1: Good. You?

K2: No. Some retard stole my lunch and now I'm starving.

K3: Hey, buddy! Remember me?

K2 There's the retard.
#retard #idiot #stupid #person #appropriate
by monsterhead1153 July 25, 2010
the dumbest motherfucking idiot you'd ever meet, or hear of.
The first band had a kick ass drummer, he was awesome, and the third band was great but the sound guy was a retard.
#crappy #dumb #generally unpleasant #smart #reterd
by douche mcallister May 24, 2010
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