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the dumbest motherfucking idiot you'd ever meet, or hear of.
The first band had a kick ass drummer, he was awesome, and the third band was great but the sound guy was a retard.
by douche mcallister May 24, 2010
12 17
sarah palin.
sarah palin is a retard.
by b3xt3hr0b0t February 14, 2010
29 34
really really stupid!

synonyms: slomp
dude. u got a D on ur test. U retard!
by djifhurye2374372898 May 25, 2011
4 10
Sarah Palin
In the words of Stephen Colbert, "Sarah Palin is a fu%$ing retard"
by it's satire February 15, 2010
37 43
dumb people

that I don't like hehehe
my sister

tardo cats

mean people
by Skittens May 09, 2011
2 9
A word that should be disbanded from society. People often use it out of context and do not understand what the word really means. Mental Retardation is a disability that affects millions of people. It does not mean stupid, dumb, ridiculous, annoying, or any other form of those words.
This person has a mental disability, but that doesn't make them "retarded". They are the same as anyone else.
by EndTheRWordCampaign November 28, 2010
8 15
James Robert Brown
Jumes is the biggest retard there is
by Cannon_Fodda1 May 02, 2010
9 16