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Any person who's mental deficiency has lowered his IQ to 70 or less. Retarded people usually have a very limited vocabulary and often times have trouble understanding reason or logic especially if the person speaking to the retard has an above average intelligence. Retards who's intellect has been severely impared sometimes make unnatural or spontaneous motions with their limbs which make other people uncomfortable. Speech may also be affected by mental retardation causing constant stuttering and mispronunciation of easy words. Retards can be considered by some as almost "inhuman." This is due to the fact that retards can not understand basic philosophy and have no perception of things they haven't physically experienced themselves such as the atom or the concept of infinity. Mentally retarded people should not be brought to public places like churches or public performances where much like babies, they can cause a disturbance due to noise.
Child: "Mommy why is that kid in the middle row making all those weird noises?"
Mother: "Don't worry Jimmy, he's just a retard."
by 010000110110111101100100011001 August 02, 2012
10 13
What I am. A cowardly retard. I'm not only slow but i'm mentally impaired. My Sub-par intelligence level makes me do things that are what 'normal' people would call psychotic. Maybe it's just a lack of judgement or my extremely limited IQ. Could be all this hostility I harbor from not getting any pussy since..shit..I don't even remember when, maybe my dreams. My usual routine consists of sitting on the couch and vegetating. All of this and more is destroying my life and that is why I call myself a retard. Not only that but i'm a little dweeb that dosen't have the guts to back up my words or say anything to anyones face. I hope you can understand my sentiments.
Be kind to me, I'm a retard.
by sal vitalee September 22, 2007
184 187
The growing of a fungus
Stop that fungus from retarding.
by chriztopher December 28, 2012
2 6
pronounced RETard not ree-tard. To take retardness to the ultimate extreme. A sign of moronism at its best.
Man, that dude is a freakin RET-ard!

did you see that RETard tryin to clean windows...WITH HIS TONGUE!!!

Justin Bieber
by Numptyface July 06, 2012
2 6
One who posts a definition on UrbanDictionary of a word that's already been defined on UrbanDictionary
Person 1: X is a letter of the alphabet
Person 2: X is a letter of the alphabet
Person3: Person 1 and 2 are retarded.
by Namenlos12345 November 28, 2010
6 10
Someone who is very stupid. Also means jackass in a slightly more appropriate way.
Kid 1: Hey dude.

Kid 2: Hello. How's it going?

K1: Good. You?

K2: No. Some retard stole my lunch and now I'm starving.

K3: Hey, buddy! Remember me?

K2 There's the retard.
by monsterhead1153 July 25, 2010
11 15
Also known as an American
Peter the retard is American so he can't count past 4
by maxmoefoe June 09, 2010
43 47