A word originally found in the dictionary, and used as a generic term for those who are mentally handicapped.

This word has now become taboo and considered a social faux-pas for the usage of those with mental disabilities, due to advancements in mental exploration and the explosive usage of the word as a negative term for those who venture from the "norm" in any way, in so much as wearing the wrong shirt or saying the wrong thing, in everyday society. It has even become a pop-culture word used to describe people who do foolish or say foolish things, whether the person stating the term is using it in a jovial or malicious way (between friends or just to be a total jerk)
1. "Did you hear what Jimmy said? He is such a fuckin' retard!"
2. "Don't be retarded, if you jump into the water from this height you will hurt yourself."
3. Person 1: "Ha, look at that retard, look how he's trying to get a job and fit in with normal society, what a freak!"
Person 2: "Yo, that kid has a mental disability and is just trying to live his life like anyone else. He's probably a better worker than YOUR retarded ass! Leave him alone and stop being ignorant."
by Dustin Muffs May 24, 2010
1) Someone with a mental disability that everyone treats with kid gloves and condescension because they assume everyone else is treating them like shit.

2) Someone who is acting stupid, unintentionally acting as if they have a mental disability.
1) Jen: (insincerely, looking for everyone to think she's sympathetic and a good person) Aww did you see Jan? Good for him, he's rolling his wheelchair all on his own. What a shame that such a wonderful brave person. What an inspiration.
Jon: Shut the fuck up Jen, you phony materialistic slut. Jan's actually intelligent, you're just treating him like a child, ironically making you the retard in this situation.

2) You fucking retard, you don't put the cheese in the boiling water you strain the pasta first. This is the last time I'm letting you make the mac and cheese.
by Ricardo Ryder January 19, 2016
The name given to an idividaul who has no knowledge of the existance of opinions or feelings for other people.
Trake was a complete retard. He jumped a homeless guy thats just fucking retarded.
by TrueLanguage June 17, 2015
Someone that either;

Doesn't understand an obvious(easy to get) joke.
Can't form a coherent sentence.
Doesn't know basic math to save their life.
Tumblr addict.
Chelsea Aitkens only sits on Tumblr all day going " I CAN'T EVEN ". What a retard.
by Muddy Waters Panda August 22, 2014
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