Someone who is arrogant, self-righteous, and over-talkative. This person thinks highly of him or herself, but realistically knows nothing other than how to whore for attention.

Not to be confused with the definition of stupid or naive.
My neighbor is naive, so I get why he sometimes does things that are stupid. Sarah Palin is a true retard, so I get why SNL made fun of her.
by JoeKikas June 15, 2013
1. Someone who is mentally or physically disabled.
2. A general insult that isn't really funny or politically correct.
1. I feel sorry for that kid. He's a retard.
2. Snotty Girl:(sarcastic) Oh, look at the poor little retard girl.
Other Snotty Girls: (laughing)
by Bellagy July 23, 2010
A thing which looks up the definition of retard and actually doesn't know the definition.
The new thing everyone is trying to be or seems to be except those rare ones which are not.
People who put their definitions of female,male and people/human/everyone as something negative with stereotypes and or something that the human did to them and act as if they all will.
A moron, or an unintelligent person.
Sad retard: "People are a bunch of retards *crys about some thing they think everyone is*"
Me: Yes some of them are...
by Randomguy0330-30 August 25, 2014
A retarded person who uses capital letters at the start of every word.
I Am Retarded Because I Type Like This.
by t-dubbya January 10, 2010
What I am. A cowardly retard. I'm not only slow but i'm mentally impaired. My Sub-par intelligence level makes me do things that are what 'normal' people would call psychotic. Maybe it's just a lack of judgement or my extremely limited IQ. Could be all this hostility I harbor from not getting any pussy since..shit..I don't even remember when, maybe my dreams. My usual routine consists of sitting on the couch and vegetating. All of this and more is destroying my life and that is why I call myself a retard. Not only that but i'm a little dweeb that dosen't have the guts to back up my words or say anything to anyones face. I hope you can understand my sentiments.
Be kind to me, I'm a retard.
by sal vitalee September 22, 2007
1. A word used to describe anyone other than yourself as inferior, no matter how much more successful or better-looking they are than you
2. Often after saying, an actual mentally-challenged person walks by for the sole purpose of sending you on a guilt-trip
1. "Bill Gates is a retard."
2. "Annie, you are such a retard."
*retard girl limps by*
by PlasticPeach June 12, 2007
One who attempts poetry in the form of noise known as rap
Snoop Dogg is a retard.
by Norin March 11, 2005

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