Someone who takes the Urban Dictionary this seriously:


v. re-TARD
1. (non-transitive) to decelerate.
2. (transitive) to cause a given object to decelerate.

Note: This word is NOT a noun, therefore anyone who descends to the level of naming an unfortunate person with mental disabilities (actually known as a retardee, a subject of mental retardation) a "retard" (with a mysterious emphasis on the first syllable) can be classified as illiterate, and can be ignored as a result. These people should be ignored anyway as they obviously have no sense of decency or sensitivity. This also applies to people who call non-retardees, "retards", implying that to be a "retard" indicates a status worthy of ridicule.
1. At that point the car had, for some reason, begun to retard.
2. At that point the driver had, for some reason, begun to retard his car.

by XXXXXX Jan 11, 2006
"Did you see that retarded definition by that retard on Urban Dictionary?

"I did. What's up with that retard?"

"Probably a retarded virgin who thought this was Webster's"
"Retard. Can you believe anyone voted that definition up?"
"I know, what a bunch of retards."
by ChuckDarwin May 15, 2013
9-12, Tea Party, and any other political group spending their time thinking they can change anything
The Marietta 9-12 are a bunch of Retards.
by Newman_1 August 16, 2011
a stupid person.
You are a retard.
by tan-latina:) February 26, 2010
One who attempts poetry in the form of noise known as rap
Snoop Dogg is a retard.
by Norin March 11, 2005
Someone who acts like an idiot..someone who gets high and acts like a straight up jackass..or gets drunk and acts like a moron..basically if you can read this, you are NOT A RETARD
Hes acting like a retard
by Mackdaddy 14 June 07, 2010
1. Someone who is mentally or physically disabled.
2. A general insult that isn't really funny or politically correct.
1. I feel sorry for that kid. He's a retard.
2. Snotty Girl:(sarcastic) Oh, look at the poor little retard girl.
Other Snotty Girls: (laughing)
by Bellagy July 23, 2010
The name given to an idividaul who has no knowledge of the existance of opinions or feelings for other people.
Trake was a complete retard. He jumped a homeless guy thats just fucking retarded.
by TrueLanguage June 17, 2015

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