What Asian parents call their child if any academic grade is lower than 95-100 range.
(Asian Mom looking at report card)

(Asian kid opens the door)

Asian Mom: You got B in math! Are you retarded? Yes, I think you are.
by kevwang95 June 13, 2010
1.) Someone is abusive toward someone else.

2.) NOT someone who has a mental disability or is born with medically subnormal intelligence. People who fit this description are known as "special," "challenged," or "Earth angel."
That guy who goes around insulting everyone who is different from him is a real retard.

That woman with the mental handicap is an Earth angel. I'm glad I know her.
by somebodyelsealtogether September 25, 2007
To slow something or hinder
A fire blanket is a fire retardant.
by hammertime April 13, 2006
to tard again
Joe tard-ed once, and then once again.

by A1steak October 06, 2011
A retard is a person who does a Scientology course and thinks that it contained valuable information.
Mike thought that that COS management course was really clever - what a retard!
by Bobb The Snob March 21, 2012
Jill: Hey do you know that guy Nick?

Chris: Sure I know Nick. He's a R.E.T.A.R.D!
by jtizzle554 November 18, 2011
People who think they have to take their pets with them everywhere they go.
That retard left their dog in the hot car with the windows rolled up at Walmart again.
by Spanky420247 March 23, 2014

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