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Someone who doesen't know the difference between video games and...wait retards arn't even smart enough to play video games. OK i'll restart...Someone who doesent know anything, at all and is bailry able to walk straight. Oh and doesent know the difference between HEVEY METAL and Soft Bluegrass.
Retard : Daddy what are you doing ?
Mom : It's been the million'th time i've told you I"M YOUR MOTHER !
Retard : i'm scared. or happy i dont know ?
by Blubid April 20, 2008
The guy below me because he does not know proper english. Such as Mental Retardation.
Guy below "....mental retard..."
Me "Stfu and go back to school, idiot."
by Explict December 13, 2007
-A derogatory term used to describe someone with a mental disability.

-An insultive word that can be used towards someone who is NOT mentally handicapped.
Guy1: I completely PWNED that kid in xbox live today!
Guy2: LOLZZZZ what a retard!
by hey it's pat December 02, 2007
Is also know as fucktard,dipshit.The ReTard has no life.Their pass times consist of internet and wanking over there ps2.ReTards kids only need one piece of cheese a day as that is all they can afford.
ReTard : need i say anymore :P
by Salli Malli March 16, 2006
One with a disability that makes him/her retarded.
Guy #1: That retard stole my bike!
Guy #2: Hey, it's not his fault, he has a disability.
by Jimbodium September 28, 2009
Used to describe somebody who is disabled by stupidity; you call them that because they don't understand or care, only their moms do.
look at the kids in the special ed. classroom eating chalk; wow, that retard loves chalk.
by specs123 August 06, 2009