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1. (noun) A person with an IQ of lower than 60, who have ineptitude learning at school as well as communication, problems performing basic everyday tasks, and problems socially with people of similar age.

2. (noun) The insult used to describe such a person in definition 1, or anyone just acting or talking stupid, whether they fit the medical diagnosis of "mentally retarded" or not.

3. (noun) Most posters on Blabbermouth's heavy metal news website and messageboard.
You don't know what you're talking about, you retard.
by steelersownyou January 16, 2006
21 39
Someone who was dropped on their head when he/she was a baby.
You: I got dropped on my head when I was 6 months old.
Me: You're a retard.
by Wills0 May 22, 2009
13 32
Alexis Henson McClure, a retarded blond who doesn't know shit from her face.
Alexis: Someone took a crap on the mirror again!

The rest of the kids: NO ALEXIS THATS YOUR FACE!!! god retard .

by DeathIsLife January 15, 2009
6 25
A creature that wears a human suit and slinks around about trying to act normal, but due to being unable to understand our culture is seen as a freak.
he was such a retard, he took a messy shit in the pool.
by the uwebolla virus August 14, 2008
10 29
a person who could laso be referred to as crazy n has no sense of redponsibility !!!
Person 1: what am i?
Person 2: a retard
Person 1: whats that?
Person 2:retard
by Memi January 22, 2007
2 21
Is also know as fucktard,dipshit.The ReTard has no life.Their pass times consist of internet and wanking over there ps2.ReTards kids only need one piece of cheese a day as that is all they can afford.
ReTard : need i say anymore :P
by Salli Malli March 16, 2006
10 29
A person who works in the Purchasing Dept.
"Hey, whats the name of that guy that works in Purchasing? You know the one with glasses?"
by nikster5 November 03, 2005
3 22