To hold back or hinder.
To much suger will retard your growth
by Bluexiii August 18, 2005
society has decided that retard means someone stupid, dumb, weird, etc. but really, a retard is someone who is mentally retarded and has a mental condition that effects how they learn or do things.
Look at the first definiton for Retard and you will find the correct definiton.
by Anonymous June 15, 2004
A VERY rude term to discribe a person with mental conditions. Sometimes used when anyone does something stupid.
1)Matt, you are such a retard.
by Fuck You All April 12, 2004
1. A person with a mental disability. 2. A really stupid and ignorant person who has no life. 3. Barack Obama
"Obama's such a freaking retard with his retarded socialist ideas.
by computergangster January 02, 2010
Someone who does not know how to spell artard properly.
That guy is such a retard!

Don't you mean artard?

Oh yeah, right
by whatsupppppp! November 05, 2009
People who sit around on facebook all day, poking each other or tagging friends in photos.
Hey what are those Retards doing on Facebook?
by ramguy April 20, 2009
when someone is fucked up
Katie doesn't know how to fuckin talk or speak or walk there for Grannell is a retard
by Germany Wilkinson March 08, 2009

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