slang for someone who is constantly undesirable, stupid, weird, immature, a loser, etc.
Guy 1: "I think I am best friends with all of them, but my football playing 'Friends' think I am a dousche and a wannabe

I like to pelt girls with snowballs and then run away to my mommy when they hit me back

I am a fat whitey in the rich suburbs, but I wear wannabe gangster hats backwards

I constantly tell jokes and do things that are obnoxious, immature, retarded, ignorant, etc. that most people think are weird

I like to brag about everyting I have and yet, my parents hardly have any money, though i pretend they do

I get terrible grades and my parents don't even care

I creep girls out by making random psycho sex noises

An entire fourth grade class signed a "bully note" about me

I pretend I'm all that and a bag of chips (which I wouldeat)

Most people hate me

I have the i.q of a 6 year old (if im lucky)

I make fun of people that are much more attractive then me

I am a fag

I am short and fat

I wish a girl or a guy (even better) would kiss me!!

I am an all around loser"
Guy 2: "You're a retard"
by girl45678493759 January 07, 2010
To slow down; to delay

Also;(in slang)
An idiot; some guy who does stupid things
Puting the food in the refrigerater will retard the process of decay.

"You Retard! You cant even add 1+1!"
by K.U.E January 23, 2007
A word Americans tend to call eachother as a very bad insult.
Wanda: Hey Bill, I tripped on the stairs today.
Bill: You retard!
by danielgnik September 02, 2008
A radical feminist(s) that trolls the feminist comments on Pity we can't troll as easily as they troll UB users.
retards like them believe women are superior, and not equal, to men.
by KOTI August 05, 2008
"RandomTom"- the man would be a genius of modern thinking... if only he wasn't completely retarded.
RandomTom: "I had a dream about this last night, if for example there was a swimming pool built on a hill, would you be able to swim up it?"

Everyone: "You sir, are a retard!"
by Physics-pah! February 06, 2008
Someone with a mental disability.

Someone that has no common sense and/or does not think of of the consequences of their actions.
1. Guy 1: Dude, how cool would it be if someone jumped from the top of your roof into your pool?
Guy 2: OMG, im gunna do that.
Guy 1: no way, thats like a 30 foot gap!
Guy 2: I dont care, im gunna do it!
*jumps from roof, hits legs on edge of pool and breaks legs*
Guy 1: What a retard
2. YOU.
by MoeBitches November 19, 2007
to hold back or slow down
by Anonymous November 22, 2002

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