society has decided that retard means someone stupid, dumb, weird, etc. but really, a retard is someone who is mentally retarded and has a mental condition that effects how they learn or do things.
Look at the first definiton for Retard and you will find the correct definiton.
by Anonymous June 15, 2004
Basically any whitekid wearing fubu or who starts a local G-unit and gets his white ass beaten a few times I.E wigger
Wow that wigger is a fucking retard
by The urban linguist July 12, 2005
Usually a guy with long black hair and blue eyes.
"Oh look, a retard!"
"yeah, thats just martin."
by Perklausen1 November 08, 2014
really really stupid!

synonyms: slomp
dude. u got a D on ur test. U retard!
by djifhurye2374372898 May 25, 2011
Sarah Palin
In the words of Stephen Colbert, "Sarah Palin is a fu%$ing retard"
by it's satire February 15, 2010
dumb people

that I don't like hehehe
my sister

tardo cats

mean people
by Skittens May 09, 2011
James Robert Brown
Jumes is the biggest retard there is
by Cannon_Fodda1 May 02, 2010
Disclaimer: Mental retardation is a MEDICAL term. The term "retard" DOES NOT refer to those people who've actually been diagnosed by a medical professional (according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM IV) as being "mentally retarded."

(n.) 1. One who isn't diagnosed with mental retardation, but regardless, he/she WILLFULLY REFUSES 1) to act with basic common sense, 2) to display even the most basic form of intelligence, 3) to use logic and reason, 4) to read (quite useful for learning), 5) to speak in coherent sentences.

2. Synonym for Palin and/or maverick.
Anyone who thinks Africa is a country is a retard.

Anyone who believes they can see any part of Russia from Juneau or Wasilla, Alaska is a retard.

Anyone who says the US Vice-President is "in charge of the US Senate" is a retard.

Anyone who would vote for such a person who does the above is a fucking retard.
by GuidorffTheBiscuitKing February 04, 2010

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