society has decided that retard means someone stupid, dumb, weird, etc. but really, a retard is someone who is mentally retarded and has a mental condition that effects how they learn or do things.
Look at the first definiton for Retard and you will find the correct definiton.
by Anonymous June 15, 2004
One who posts a definition on UrbanDictionary of a word that's already been defined on UrbanDictionary
Person 1: X is a letter of the alphabet
Person 2: X is a letter of the alphabet
Person3: Person 1 and 2 are retarded.
by Namenlos12345 November 28, 2010
Someone who is very stupid. Also means jackass in a slightly more appropriate way.
Kid 1: Hey dude.

Kid 2: Hello. How's it going?

K1: Good. You?

K2: No. Some retard stole my lunch and now I'm starving.

K3: Hey, buddy! Remember me?

K2 There's the retard.
by monsterhead1153 July 25, 2010
the dumbest motherfucking idiot you'd ever meet, or hear of.
The first band had a kick ass drummer, he was awesome, and the third band was great but the sound guy was a retard.
by douche mcallister May 24, 2010
Someone who talks on the silent floor of the library.
Look at those retards, talking about partying when they are meant to be studying.
by DontBeARetard February 07, 2015
n. (never used) - A person with an IQ less than 70.
n. slang (general use) - A person who is not retarded but acts like it.
"People who like Spongebob, My Little Ponies, and/or rap music are retards."
by BOOBCHEESE September 03, 2012
Usually a guy with long black hair and blue eyes.
"Oh look, a retard!"
"yeah, thats just martin."
by Perklausen1 November 08, 2014
really really stupid!

synonyms: slomp
dude. u got a D on ur test. U retard!
by djifhurye2374372898 May 25, 2011
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