society has decided that retard means someone stupid, dumb, weird, etc. but really, a retard is someone who is mentally retarded and has a mental condition that effects how they learn or do things.
Look at the first definiton for Retard and you will find the correct definiton.
by Anonymous June 15, 2004
Someone who takes the Urban Dictionary this seriously:


v. re-TARD
1. (non-transitive) to decelerate.
2. (transitive) to cause a given object to decelerate.

Note: This word is NOT a noun, therefore anyone who descends to the level of naming an unfortunate person with mental disabilities (actually known as a retardee, a subject of mental retardation) a "retard" (with a mysterious emphasis on the first syllable) can be classified as illiterate, and can be ignored as a result. These people should be ignored anyway as they obviously have no sense of decency or sensitivity. This also applies to people who call non-retardees, "retards", implying that to be a "retard" indicates a status worthy of ridicule.
1. At that point the car had, for some reason, begun to retard.
2. At that point the driver had, for some reason, begun to retard his car.

by XXXXXX Jan 11, 2006
"Did you see that retarded definition by that retard on Urban Dictionary?

"I did. What's up with that retard?"

"Probably a retarded virgin who thought this was Webster's"
"Retard. Can you believe anyone voted that definition up?"
"I know, what a bunch of retards."
by ChuckDarwin May 15, 2013
People who think they have to take their pets with them everywhere they go.
That retard left their dog in the hot car with the windows rolled up at Walmart again.
by Spanky420247 March 23, 2014
a stupid person.
You are a retard.
by tan-latina:) February 26, 2010
A person with many disabilities.
Will be confused forever.
I sure do feel bad for Nicholas over there, because he is a retard.
by Awsome though January 08, 2015
A thing which looks up the definition of retard and actually doesn't know the definition.
The new thing everyone is trying to be or seems to be except those rare ones which are not.
People who put their definitions of female,male and people/human/everyone as something negative with stereotypes and or something that the human did to them and act as if they all will.
A moron, or an unintelligent person.
Sad retard: "People are a bunch of retards *crys about some thing they think everyone is*"
Me: Yes some of them are...
by Randomguy0330-30 August 25, 2014
Someone who acts like an idiot..someone who gets high and acts like a straight up jackass..or gets drunk and acts like a moron..basically if you can read this, you are NOT A RETARD
Hes acting like a retard
by Mackdaddy 14 June 07, 2010
A retarded person who uses capital letters at the start of every word.
I Am Retarded Because I Type Like This.
by t-dubbya January 10, 2010

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