a person who is blessed with immense patience or who is so hard up for money that they will do anything, including babysitting retards while the cut the grass or trim the hedges of community homes where the owners are too cheap to hire a real lawn service... they would rather pay the retards to do it.
I need a summer job, but I refuse to be a retard wrangler. I'd rather clean bathrooms at the bus station or tanning beds at the all fat person tanning salon.
by Leanne May 28, 2003
Top Definition
Special Education teacher.
Did you hear the school just hired Mrs. Schmidt as the new retard wrangler?
by EvelynTheFantastic August 19, 2006
An employer that constantly hires retards to work in their shop
Well I just hired another moron... I must be the biggest retard wrangler.
by BruceJrTheRetardWrangler April 16, 2015
n; to wrangle the people who become semi "retard" when under the influence of alcohol

n; to steal away phones from the retards so as to not allow any drunk, retard-influenced texts

verb usage; to gather up the "retarded" ones, much like a herd of cows or horses, and get them into the back of a car, into a house, out of a party, etc....
naoj, ryn, gnole and tits mcgee were talking bout how hard they're gunna party this weekend...looks like our weekend consists of us being retard wrangler s
by N_F_C January 24, 2011
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