1. Me... stuck between an attorney I work for and my boss.

2. Any pair of people or couple who's ideas are so "out in left field" that any normal person would consider them retarded... regardless of education or mental ability.
So what if I was wearing high heeled open toed shoes to work, it's spring! Does that really require a "talking to" by the retard sandwich? Give me a fucking break.
by Bianca April 08, 2004
Top Definition
Popularized by the movie "Beautiful Girls," it is something that, if you eat too much, will make you retarded.
If you don't understand the definition, you've eaten too many retard sandwiches.
by fonzareli May 29, 2008
When your'e working in between two other people on an assembly line and both of them happen to be lazy idiots who are totally incapable of doing their jobs.
Today at work was like being in a retard sandwich, I swear to God.
by Milton66 March 03, 2010
A hamburger with spit and mucus from several schoolkids between the top bun and the meat patty, that is then given to an obese retard who happily eats it.
Give Stephanie the retard sandwich, she is too retarded to beware and too fat to care.
by malachite2 January 24, 2005
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