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not hearing shit from a prospective employer after sending a resume. -perhaps you out and out weren't qualified, or didn't include the "magic word/s"!? -employers have to have everything perfect on a resume, then rarely have the common decency (or time!?) to at least contact you for the 'take-down'...-kind of makes one feel about two places above a 'tool' or 'machine'!!

-those in resume limbo can/will stay this way for all eternity, unless they operate 'in volume', just like the perspective employer...(ie: HUNDREDS of resumes to HUNDREDS of employers!! -this, however CAN be a problem when there are NO jobs to be had!!) -there also is a 'hustle the employer' school too, if one "really wants the job"
did you ever hear back from JR Foolsley company john? -fuck no, i'm in resume limbo!!

i was in resume limbo with TE POOP company, when the HR person actually called me with status...i couldn't believe it!!?
by michael foolsley January 26, 2010
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