Noun: A value that once thrived but has nearly been eradicated in the name of free speech and expressing one’s self. Back when respect ran rampant people would keep their mouths shut if they didn’t have something intelligent to say but sadly today most people choose to express their “beliefs” even when they don’t have anything of value to say. Often disrespectful people make up for the lack of intelligence by resorting to juvenile statements such as “he/she sucks”, “he/she’s a tool” or what is ironically the all time favorite of the disrespectful, “He/she/you are an idiot”. The term “idiot” is often also used by the disrespectful to label anyone who disagrees with them especially if that person can actually speak intelligently on the subject or person being discussed.
Although John disliked the governor he figured it best to show some respect and keep his opinion to himself as he had nothing constructive to say about the man. Emma on the other hand chose to express her beliefs and tweeted that the governor sucked.
by integritymatters November 26, 2011
their is no one true definition to respect. Respect is something you feel. This feeling helps you know who you should respect in life and knowing who to respect in life is one of the greatest accomplishment you can have. If you respect the right people they will help you become a better person but to achieve this you have to boost whoever you respect's self esteem to make them feel awesome, which is no problem in the first place because you respect them.
remember to respect in life and life will respect you.
by beardmen August 18, 2011
When your teacher told you to learn the meaning of it, I don't think this is what he meant.
Teacher: Johnny, it's time that you learned the meaning of respect!
Little Johnny: *goes to urbandictionary.*
by BriannaBlasphemy March 24, 2009
something that no one has for one another nowadays.
person 1: you're a fag!
person 2: no you're a fag!
person 3: Stop it! don't you people have any respect for one another?
person 1 & 2: ... (to person 3) you're a fag.
by gunslingergervy_c_e July 25, 2006
to show regards to another with acknowledgement,politeness,and consideration
How can you not respect somebody for handling their business?
by Gerard Irick February 28, 2009
Acknowledgent and appreciation of anothers abilities
hey dude you better respect my mother else i will tear you a new one
by shritis August 30, 2006
a privilege you give to someone based upon the quality of that person's unique interactions with you.

Respect is earned. Elders just have had more time to earn it. Younger people may also earn respect from older people.

Some respect sound judgement, some strength or power. Some respect altruism, some purposefulness. Parents and teachers may provide initial guidance but what you respect in a person is ultimately your privilege.
I respect him for his sound judgement in difficult situations.
by nuworthi April 29, 2010

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