All right, This is not only one of the best games ever, Resident Evil or otherwise, but it is the most overtalked about game in the entire world. The only games that have gotten this much attention are Guitar Hero, Metroid, and Diablo II.

RE:4 is different from its predecessors right off the bat, because it uses live action sequences in the GC version and FMV in the PS2 version(to save time and quality, but it takes a bit longer to load them.).

The game also uses an over the shoulder camera, though the original workings of it did have times where it had the old static camera. Though it really is great for aiming, its at an angle so aiming straight is actually a little left than it would be. There are also times where the camera can hurt you, which is why its a good idea to have a stereo-capable TV to know what around you

Also, the zombies are gone, and replaced with brainwashed, parasite infected cultists. These guys don't want to eat you, they just want you dead. They can use weapons too, so watch it.

A new aiming mechanic was added, thanks to the power of the systems. Now, you can aim for the leg and they'll trip, or aim for the head to stun/kill them.

Most of the game takes place at night, and there are some parts that can get to you at times, like the novistadors. These humans experimented on with the Las Plagas(the parasite, and spanish for the plague.) and turned into bugged freaks. BRRR!

People have bitched about which system its better on. Honestly, it all depends on which system you play it on first to like it. The GC has shorter loading times, a higher polygon count, but Leon S.K.'s hair is blond. BLOND! also, the game is on 2 disks, with one lvl on an ENTIRE DISK! however, the PS2 version has more goodies at the expense of a lower polygon count, one disk, longer load times, and a shallower pixel fog. But, you get stuff like a new mini-mission, starring Ada Wong, and a costume for ashley that makes her invicible and incarriable, making pro mode much easier.

And, if you beat both modes in the PS2, you get access to the mother of all weapons: the PRL-412. this nifty Laser can defeat ANY enemy within two hits gaurenteed! for bosses, you can just flash them and they die. though it is very big, it will become your best friend.

In short, either version is great, so just play it on whichever system you have. If you have both, your choice, if neither, buy one of the systems, or go to a friend who has one of the systems and play it. You will love it. and to all those that say anything else, YOU ARE A BIASED GAMER AND SHOULD BE HUNG AND QUARTERED FOR YOUR OFFENSE IN THE IMAGE OF THE GAMING COMMUNITY!
Seriously, stop talking about Resident Evil 4. Its two years old, for Christ's sake. It should already be out of style. It never revolutionized anything except the RE series. You don't see anyone still talking about Super Mario Bros. on a daily basis, do you?
by maniakkid25 March 29, 2007
Top Definition
One of the best Gamecube games ever. It's the best Resident Evil game so far. It star Leon Kennedy on a mission to rescue the president's daughter. If you have a gamecube you should go out and buy it right away. If you have a Playstation 2 you can buy it in a few months. If you have an X-Box you should get one of the other video game systems just to play this game. It is so worth it.
Resident Evil 4 is amazing. I love it.
by Johndis January 17, 2005
a very well made game with lots of replayability and a large fun factor. Plays more like an action game than a survival horror game but since its fun to play it doesnt matter much.
Resident evil 4 is one of the best games of 2005 and pretty much the best overall gamecube game.
by Blind_assassin September 27, 2005
A very, very kickass game for the Nintendo Gamecube. Starring ex-S.T.A.R.S. member Leon Kennedy. Some fucktards hate this game because it's different than the other RE games. Don't listen to them. With loads of blood, gore, violence, and language, RE4 should shut up the people who bash the GCN because of it's "kiddy" reputation.
I almost shit myself the first time I fought a regenerator.
by sonicsmash May 05, 2005
A game that kicks so much ass it needs to import some cheap ones from 3rd world countries.
"Holy shit! Did you see that crazy fisherman's wife's head explode when I stamped on it? Sweet..."
by sam January 19, 2005
Latest game to come from Capcom. Stars Leon Kennedy. So far only for the GC.
RE4 will kick ass. You can do so much shit in that game it's not funny... it's awesome
by chrisguy May 07, 2004
The best resident evil game ever. Your weapons have lasers for u to aim and blow guys' heads off. The AI is smarter than some slow dumass zombie. There are also tight unlockable weapon as well as 2 minigames after beating the game. Takes about 20 hours to beat and has great replay value. It is worth the money.
Resident evil 4 has no zombies this doesn't look scary...ahh shit a chainsaw whore just chopped my head off. DAYUM!
by dimsum88 March 17, 2005
Looking at the definitions, people see to be keeping on saying the same thing: 'Resi 4 is the best Gamecube game ever!' Well, you are wrong. Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games ever, period.

The story goes like this. Leon Kennedy (Who was one of the two main characters in Resi 2) has managed to put the incedent in Racoon City behind him. He now works as an agent for the U.S. Government. His first assignment is to rescue Ashley Graham, the president's daughter from a group of people in 'a remote and lonely part of Europe' (Spain, obviously). What he then discovers is that all the villagers are infected with 'Las Plagas', and are all hostile towards him. He must now rescue the villagers daughter and get her out alive.

What makes this such a brilliant game is simple: The gameplay. It's completely different to every other Resi, and is by far the series' biggest turning point so far. It uses an engine more akin to that of an FPS, due to it's over-the-shoulder camera view and laser targeting. It's action is truly relentless, and it never slows down. There is always something to do, and you feel as though you are coming close to death all the time. The graphics and sound are outstanding, and really suck you into the game.

The Resi purists have been fuming about this, saying that it 'dirties the name of Resident Evil'. In my personal opinion, I think this is stupid. While I love the old Resi games, I think it's about time the series moved on. The old survival horror 'find keys, unlock doors, save ammo' concept really is very out of date now. But the original Resis, ecspecially the first, will always be one of my greatest gaming memories.

I really have not felt so excited about a game for years. I went to bed thinking about it, and woke up wanting to play it, and I have not felt that way about a game for a long, long time.
gAmerx143: Yo man, that Resi 4 is awesome
RESIpurist765: Resi 4 is da suxx0r n00b!!!!
Rest Of Message Board: Shut up.
by Antony August 15, 2006
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