The results of defecating in the water tank of a toilet.
"Don't tell anyone, but I totally left some nice reservoir dogs in the staff bathroom..."
by Leetamus September 03, 2009
One of the best and most violent movies ever. Its about a heist that go es wrong and theres beastly violence
Reservoir dogs is to violent
by JMN357 August 09, 2004
n. a poor, scraggly kid from the wrong side of the tracks, who lives by his wits (or petty theft) but has big dreams.
by wayfarer May 05, 2005
a guy who works with a bunch of other guys to rob diamonds. the term came from when Tarantino called 'Au revoir les enfants' "that Reservoir movie" and combined it with the movie 'Straw Dogs' to make "Reservoir Dogs."
A bunch of Reservoir Dogs and I are gonna hit up a jewelery store tomorrow.
by Long February 12, 2005

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