When you're very drunk and engage in intercourse, the times that you happen to lose your erection, and then either something is done to cause it, or it just magically reserects.
(Drunk couple that just recently returned home) -
Jim: "Brooke, don't be sad anymore! Luckily, you're so hot you just gave me a reserection."


Mike: "Babe, I'm so sorry, I can't get hard again..."
Jen: "Can I do something to reserect you?"
Mike: "This is possible."


Jesus: "This is so good, I feel reserected."
by blunts all day April 29, 2011
Top Definition
rez-e-rek-shun (noun) a morning wood of biblical proportions
On the third day, Jesus awoke from the tomb with a raging reserection.
by dave3:16 February 20, 2011
When your get an erection,it goes limp and then comes back again.
I lost my erection when my girlfriend's parents walked in on us, but then when they started stripping too I got a res-erection.
by Rozoff & Crum September 24, 2007
When u have an erection that goes away then it comes back
before dinner i had an errection but now im starting to get a huge reserection
by jack the monster April 25, 2011
when you have an erection, it dies, then it comes back
i had a res-erection when i was talking with (girl name) today
by i_am_batman February 13, 2014
To prematurely ejectulate, but recover quickly with another erection to leave your partner satisfied.
She said "Oh, honey, its okay. It happens to every guy", but then I had a Res-Erection!
by B77 September 18, 2012
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