1. A shortened version of the word 'retarded'.
2. My little sister.
Little Sister: How do you spell "retarded"?
Big Sister: You're a re-re.
by Elle13 July 05, 2011
a short nickname for a cockroach. Basically, a way of talking about your little infestation without the whole world knowing you have the little creepers crawling all over you at night.
"i had a re-re in my cereal this morning"
by HHNB_re-re February 02, 2010
shorter term for retarded. slow. stupid
alice: look at that dead bird fly!
jones: where?!
alice: stop being a re-re!
jones: oh yeah.. dead birds can't fly.
by Ashley-Marie May 30, 2007
Retarded retard, the act of being a; retarded A unbelieveable response or comment that back's itself with even more stupidity
Kevin thinks that smoking crack is better for you than smoking meth. What a fucking re-re.
by The Tophu August 18, 2006
someone who is retarded.
your such a re-re for lighting your pants on fire.
by Zeckaa December 19, 2005
A way of saying retarded for the lazy people.
Man, you are so retarded!!!!
by Bob July 23, 2003
some one who does stupid things. or does things the dumbest way possible.
person 1: I just failed the permit test for the fifth time!
person 2: holy shit, only a complete Re-Re would do that..
by Harmony Jaklevick! January 30, 2008

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