a really stupid person. usually talks like a retard.
Yo Timmy just walk into a door and said oops. Hes such a rere.
by thatclarkkid February 15, 2009
a person who is either acting like a retard or is just acting plane ol' stupid.
Alexa and Erika were being such re-re's today.
by _-ReRe1-_ May 07, 2003
Short for retard/retarded. Also a word for someone stupid.
Kid Vicious: What did one re-re say to the other re-re?
Marty: What?
Kid Vicious: Marty's a re-re.
Marty: Haha, good one.
by Kid Vicious My Love January 08, 2006
An Asian male known as Richard Jia, most commonly referred to as Chard. The most common way to identify a Chard is to listen to its natural sounds of whining about its wrists from lifting weights wrong, as well as its natural inclination of being gheeey. When encountering the Chard, be careful not to scare it, especially since seeing the little one out of its natural mancave habitat is rare. The scientific name for the Chard is Re-Chard Poopdick Jiamsoghey - also known as the re re.
Aww, look at the little re re.
by yo momma soooo phat March 07, 2013
A comlete simpleton. Moron personified.
Bob is such a rere he can't do 2 thing s at once.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
1. A classic "boxel" saying.
2. The retarded form of the word retarded.
1. Dude, yer such a re-re.

2. You suck at life you stupid re-re.
by booshmaster May 09, 2003
mentally handicapped; mentally retarded; retarded; slow; incompetent; unsure; uneducated; idiot;
Marty:Why did you do that?
Sammy:Because I'm a rere.

Alley:What are you doing sticking that fork in the light socket?
Jaime:Being a rere.

Jo:How tall is a hibbity?
by As_always_Ashley May 02, 2005

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