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Smart people who act dumb, retarded, mental, or just plain idiotic.
example 1:People who have too much free time and spend it typing in dictionary definitions
example 2: I am a re-re for putting in this definition.
example 3: Webster is a re-re, and anyone who has actually read an entire dictionary. Are you really going to use all of those words in your lifetime? I don't think so!!!!
example 4: You for reading this, meaning you dont have a life!
by Ryan June 11, 2004
39 41
A retarded person. A person being a complete idiot.
Don't be a rere!
by Daniel May 21, 2002
474 166
An ironically retarded way to refer to someone as being or acting retarded.
Hey man, look at that re re over there spinning around in circles!
by cool4dude April 28, 2005
392 118
Shorter form of the insult "Retarded Retard".
Used mainly by Clerks fans.
No honestly, it looks like it was put together by a Re-Re!
180 77
someone who is retard, or acting retarded
Jessika, you're such a re re.
Hey! Don't be a re re.
by idk October 28, 2004
197 117
acting or sounding retarded
"You are acting mad RERE"
by Wonetta October 23, 2004
144 88
Someone who is not medically mentally handicapped, but some of their actions make you wonder what their mental capacity is. Often this person will do something stupid, and not realize it was stupid until others point it out to them. A re re is noticeable in the crowd because people are often pointing and laughing.
She was so busy texting while she was driving, that she didn't see the car in front of her and she rear ended it. She's such a re re!
She was soo drunk, that she peed her pants! She's a definite re re!
Quentin got so drunk that he passed out and got colored on all over his body with a permanant marker - he looked like a re re!
by terd fergusen May 03, 2007
92 45
Slang for saying Retard
You see that boy right there?


Well I heard he's Re-Re
by AC November 27, 2003
56 29