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White, Bible thumping, KKK, rich, uneducated, religious, old individual who has no idea about the real world or never experienced it. These individuals tend to be the older crowd and are very conservative. They don't agree with change and/or mixed marriages.
The south tends to be more republican then the north.
The south also tends to have a lower average IQ then the north.
by Hussain Zaidi January 10, 2006
An American incapable of understanding or speaking the truth. A person uniquely deserving to feel pain and humiliation.
George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Delay
by Dick Smith December 23, 2004
The political party of the ignorant, degenerate, and irrational thinking class of Americans that believe in getting away with corporate fraud and reward for unethical and inconsiderate behavior.
"The Republicans are the party of sheep, where the Democrats aren't really much better."
by Am a Uniondick September 02, 2004
The American political party that protects the interests of the very wealthy and corporations by lowering their tax and regulatory burden, and making it easier for businesses to get cheap labor and cheap natural resources both at home and abroad.

Since the natural constituency for this agenda is very small, the party panders to religious zealots, racists, and the marginally retarded. Fortunately for the Republicans, the issues that activate this base usually cost nothing and have almost no overlap with their actual economic agenda.
Among wealthy: We need a Republican congress to get rid of that dreadful inheritance tax.

Among stupid: It was the Republicans what said we gonna git a flag burning amendment.
by Mike Oxhard July 10, 2006
At one time, men and women of honor. In more recent times it has turned into a party full of criminals and ethical slimebags. Slowly becoming the next Nazi party due to the efforts of George W. Bush. A party of cowards and low lifes who have little respect for human life, they get all fired up about unborn people, but once the person is born they figure that mom and baby can go F themselves if they need any sort of help. A group who's fall is coming in both 2006 and 2008!
George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, most of Congress, and so on.
by Jesse January 23, 2005
Someone who believes that the rich white male has the only valid opinion in the world. Most republicans are pro-life and pro-war, which also means they are hypocrites.
George W. Bush is a republican.
John McCain is a carbon copy of George W Bush.
by Vurt July 10, 2008
Conservative, right-winged devout Christians, all Southerners except one Southerner educated and smart enough, is usually a Baptist, that has a fascist lock on how this country should be absolute Christian run, because they think it will make it perfect and please God, even though they know how good they have it, and they're in denial because they know religion sucks, and they love secularism, but they think they'll get some afterlife by pleasing God, so they keep it to themselves. They think as long as it pleases God, it should be able to be voted in, which is extremely fascist and dangerous to the constitution's secularism. The News station of every republican is Fox News. To them, other news stations are lefty and biased. Lefty Liberals may be dangerous, but republicans are just as dangerous. They think people like me who have mental disorders don't need help, and while suffering, we need only 'God'. They believe abortions are wrong because their holy book says so. For constitution's sake, mind you, any party that uses a holy book should be flagged as an abomination. They also favor various other things in the name of their religion, which is an abomination, and disgrace to the constitution & America which was founded to be a FREE & SECULAR country, They've discarded our freedoms so much, they've gotten In God We Trust, and Under God put in as our motto and pledge. Beware of this party. As an Independent myself, I could also write a song and dance for the democrats too.
That mentally disturbed pothead over there goes to church every week because he thinks everything he gets by working hard is given to him by the Christian God, and thinks Fox News and Republicans are the best party and news, unbiased and completely truthful.
by VanillaCoffee April 03, 2010