Truthful, know whats really going on, dont whine and cry about everything.
One hopes Republicans keep control of this nation.
by RMI January 12, 2005
A person from one of the two major political groups in the U.S. The original Republican group later became the present day Democratic group. So is there really a difference between the two parties?
by Lindsay February 25, 2003
the reason why this country is still alive and running, only democrats bringing it down
demorcrats to republicans: work harder, welfare (we) depends on you
by liz August 16, 2005
A right-leaning person when it comes to morals, values, and politics. Usually tend to be more conservative in their thinking and beliefs, which is a good thing. This is the title I fall under: Republican.
I am Proud To Be A Republican.
by Flatlander April 16, 2005
A person that doesn't support the MURDERING of babies, only in my opinion (even though I am a republican) would allow women to abort if they were raped or the baby was severely retarded and the parents couldn't handle it. Also, a person that CAN ACTUALLY SUPPORT THEMSELF and doesn't need government taxes to pay for their fucking food.
Republicans are the right wing party and democrats are the left wing party like the federalists that got fucking abandoned in the U.S.' history.
by icantsay October 12, 2007
More respectable than Democrats, a true Republican believes in fiscal responsibility and minimal government regulation in the economy. However, like the Democrats, they demonstrate their hypocrisy by the belief that government should regulate your personal life.
Not all Republicans are morons like Bush.
I admire Republicans like Senator McCain and Senator Lugar for their common-sense values and beliefs
by bby83 January 15, 2005
"A person located on the right-wing of the political spectrum, and something that I'm glad I am. Most voted for George W. Bush (or Bush), and helped him win his 2nd term to the Presidency.
Oh yeah, before I forget, Republicans DO NOT only represent the rich; I voted for him and I'm only MIDDLE class. Plus, the majority of the friends I have, including most of the lower class ones, voted for George Bush. Why would they vote Republican and be one if the Grand Old Party only benefitted the wealthy? Exactly...liberal credibility: out the window!
Source: Straight from E-ville, Apr 16, 2005"
You ask, why would middle and lower class people vote for George Bush? Because they are morons.

If you're rich and you vote for a Republican, you're greedy. If you're middle class and you vote for a Republican you're a moron.
by qwerty April 26, 2005

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