The American polotical party of the rich. Opponents of american party of the poor, Democrats.

Since that party with the largest following is elected, both try to attract new followers. Rupublicans make people rich, Democrats make people poor.
If all that Americans want is security, they can go to prison. They'll have enough to eat, a bed and a roof over their heads. - Dwight D. Eisenhower, Republican
by Dmack_901 March 03, 2005
believes in the life of babies
"I don't think I know enough about politics to say if I'm a republican of not..."
"All you have to know is you support the life of babies."
by Chadiekins July 17, 2009
A group that is often bashed by the ignorant, ass fucking liberal democrats. Most Republicans ignore the assholic Democrat because they know the Democrats are really just stupid ass hats that wish for pot to be legalized. War comes naturally for them because they are proud of their country, and the ideals it was built on, so they will fight to defend it with tooth and nail if need be. Republicans enjoy family activates, and believe that religion, of any form should be a pivotal part of family life. Republicans believe that everyone has a chance at life until they abuse it to a point where they are no longer allowed to live. Republicans enjoy many things, and like all people, will do what they can in attempts to get what they want, examples being meat and oil. Republicans want its people to live in an environment that is a safe and free as possible. Republicans love America, and love peace.
Republicans are often attacked for a view that has worked for the past 200 years of the great country of America.
by Finn Cooley May 03, 2008
Someone who belives in hard work and a God


They belive that babys deserve a chance
THEY DO SUPPORT STEM CELL RESEARCH (just not from an unborn)
They belive in all the amendments
They dont think men should not give blowjobs in a marrige because marrige has is between a man and a woman
They belive in WORKING FOR PAY
They belive in racial equality and have a black chairperson but dont belive that if some black guys could not pass a test that everyone else took, they should not get a position they did not earn for no reason. Also Abe Lincoln was a republican

Oh yeah im poor and a minority and I am Catholic and a Republican so FUCK YOU
Prepy rich honky: Do you know what it is like to be "less fortunate"
Me(republican): Kinda im originally from Little Village and most of my family is inner city and urban
PRH: Well dont you think you would like the money
Me: No my family would not even accept it

PRH:Well you are a republican white guy
Me: Im mexican, ASSHOLE, and I am poorer than you
Me: istead of buying ambercrombie maybe you should spend the $200 you spent on those jeans and donate to charity
PRH: Uhh well you belive that your religion is the only true one
Me: Well so does all religions (besides buddism) but you love Islam and judism but dispise the catholic church
by VhLevant January 13, 2010
An American who believes in the strength and advancement of our nation and that a man should be entilted to his own earnings. Don't want to turn America into overly politically correct socialist state.

- Supports our God given rights protected by the Constitution including it's 2nd Amendment.
- Believes that a man is entilted to his own earnings and should not be forced to give up his hard earned money to pay European level taxes funding poorly regulated social welfare programs that many are going to abuse and leech off of.
- Recognizes the strength of a free market economy with little government interference.
- Recognizes the need for a strong defense and military unlike the Democrats who still want to cut the budget and reduce the military to the size of the Rhode Island National Guard.
- Pro-victory, fully support hunting down Bin Ladin and bringing him to justice, do not want to just pack up and abandon Afghanistan or Iraq regardless of the reasons for invading and removing the brutal dictator Saddam.
- Does not want to recreate society to whatever the ACLU (who will only support you if they agree with what you have to say) deems "progressive".
- Supports state rights to an extent unlike Democrats who would force gay marriage and abortion down every state's throat.
- Often accuzed of being racist for not supporting affirmative action and welfare programs despite being the party that freed the slaves.
- Does not want to rewrite our historical definition of marriage because gay rights groups who know no self-control or decency demand it.
- Look at the issues and are not swayed by "hope and change" repeated 50 times.
- Recognizes the full potential of nuclear power unlike far-left wing hippies.
- Supports offshore drilling along with new technology to get us off of foreign oil bought from people who hate us.
- Support space exploration and scientific research yet recognize the need for God and morality to be taken into account unlike too many nihilistic, atheistic scientists with an agenda.
- Support our freedom of religion but recognize the history and traditions of this nation unlike left-wing atheistic idiots who will protest over a Christmas display or the 10 Commandments in front of a courthouse, yet fully support gay pride parades featuring transvestites, drag queens, and immoral behavior.
- Support our troops unlike aspects of the far-left wing like Code Pink.
- Can think up of real arguments against opponents unlike Democrats who cling to false promises of "hope and change", invent lies, and believe every Republican is a rich white man who supports George Bush.
"That Republican has worked hard for 20 years to earn those things and believes he has the right to keep and do what he wishes with what he has earned."
by TheShade111 September 15, 2008
A group that supports a Republic government. Contrary to poplular belief, America is a Republic, not a Democracy. Republicans are not racist, just because they don't hate white males doesn't mean that's the only thing they care about. They're not all rich either. Most are working middle class who have to work to pay taxes unlike lazy Democrats on welfare who won't find a job.
I am a Republican and have to live in a world full of hypocrytical Democrats.
by Death to all June 20, 2006
An intelligent and patriotic individual who loves God and his or her country. A republican understands that faith in God as recognized by our founding fathers is essential to the moral fiber of our great nation. These intelligent individuals believe in a strong national defense, which is very different from wanting to go to war. Republicans believe that peace is preserved through a strong national defense and military and that the military provides awesome opportunities to serve our country. These patriotic individuals believe in smaller government and individual responsibility. They believe in free markets and big successful businesses. They believe that socialism, high taxes, high government spending, and labor unions are oppressive and detrimental to society. Republicans take our constitution very seriously and honor our founding fathers. They believe that universal health care is a bad idea because it is not a government responsibility stated in our constitution. It would also increase spending, raise taxes, and the quality of the healthcare would not be that great anyway. Republicans believe that the individual should take responsibilty for his or her own retirement and healthcare. The believe in faith, families, and freedom. Traditional parenting is the best and most effective way to raise children. They promote sacred life and civil liberties by protesting abortion, which is the murder of an innocent child and homosexuality, which is a disgusting sin. They believe that women belong in the home and that men should be the primary breadwinners. They like to see criminals get busted and that a life is no longer sacred after it has taken another. Republicans are the best people in the world.
I know this person who talks so intelligently and passionately. She must be a republican.
by Urban Dictionary April 30, 2008

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