A person who believes that people who work for their money should be able to keep it instead of it being forcibly taken from them to give to the people who sit around all day doing nothing but having kids which then "entitle" them to benefits. Also a person who believes that there should be evidence for each claim made by a person. A person who believes that a mosque shouldn't be built 2 blocks away from a site where 2000+ people died because of terrorist instead of building it in another site 15 blocks away. A person who believes that everyone should pay an equal amount of taxes, no matter what they do. A person who gets called racist with no evidence whatsoever.
George W. Bush was a republican.
by Dr. Lol W. Ut January 09, 2011
the obsession of every 10 year old kid on urbandictionary.com.
the republican party > democratic party by 10 folds get over yourselves!
by republicans own September 13, 2007
a political party that generally embraces coporate America and politically conservative causes that include a pro-life agenda, family values, the religous right, privatization, smaller government and a strong national defense. Republican has changed over the last few years to form a nearly politically-left leaning, similar to Democrat.

see: Democrat
Republican is just as evil as Democrat and is nearly as identical today.
by krock1dk July 28, 2007
Republican according to Democrats:
1) always rich and has a hatred for people who aren't
2) always white and racist
3) loves war and is looking to start one
4) for some reason doesn't like abortions (they must be evil)
Republican according to Republicans:
1) people should work hard if they expect to earn money instead of looking to others for money (maybe many rich people are republican because of their work ethic?)
2) the party was started on the basis of abolishing slavery, Southern Democrats were the ones against it
3) of all the wars in America's history, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War were all started by Democrats. The Gulf War and the current war are the only ones started by Republicans.
4) are confused by how most liberals are fine with killing 9 month old fetuses but not with killing terrorists or murderers
I went on urban dictionary and learned how Republicans are apparently spawned by Satan
by Trojanman21 November 30, 2009
a person who believes in

1) rewarding hard work
2) not punishing people for being rich
3) giving opportunities to people because they work hard, and not because they want to appear multiracial
4) who believes that babies are more important than trees
5) someone who uses logic and knowledge to solve problems
"see that republican?"
" ya he thought before he acted! AMAZING!"
by greatkhan85 March 12, 2010
the good, sensable political party of the United States. (opposite of democrat)
John McCain
George Bush
Abraham Lincoln. these are all republicans

by NOBAMA 08' August 14, 2008
Republicans are typically patriotic and aren't as concerned about political correctness as liberal hippies are.
Isn't it funny how the word republican is usually associated with being a patriot?
by thepoe December 05, 2006

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