When Europeans think of America, they think of fat, SUV-driving, bigoted hicks. They think of Republicans. The Republican may be found in any socioeconomic class, whether it be the Trailer Park Republican, the Suburbanite Republican, or the Old Money Republican. They are oftentimes religious, but rarely anything other than Christian. What the Republican fails to realize, however, is that, were Jesus alive today, he'd probably be liberal. He hung out with the dregs of society, was charitable, and was a radical. None of these things embody Republican beliefs, unless you consider the dregs of society to be Wall Street, or the KKK. By all means, the common Republican will spend time with these people. It is not uncommon to be given dirty looks by the Republican for wearing a Darfur T-Shirt, a PETA shirt, or any punk band shirt. Never tell them that you are a vegetarian, or worse, a Jew. If you are Jewish, be wary of the Republican- they WILL tell you that your people killed Jesus (however, they fail to realize that this is like saying the Americans killed Martin Luther King, as Jews made up the majority of the Biblical World).

The Republican detests anything radical: just this week, one confided in me that, were his best friend homosexual, he would disown him. The Republican supports war, oftentimes on the rationale that we must maintain our reputation in the world. Which one would that be? The World-Cop status, or the Most Hated Superpower status?
Chris Christy, New Jersey's fine Republican governor, stated that he wants to put a spending halt on the state, to shrink our bloated economy. Might I suggest he start with his waistband?
by catsarenice123 February 12, 2010
Someone who is to stupid to realize that the Republican party is does not give two shits about him.

Someone who votes for Bush then cries when his kid is killed in Iraq, when he has no job, when corporate criminals go free.

Basically, someone who is too stupid to put 2 and 2 together.
Conservative Jews are often Republicans and don't realize that Republicans hate Jews and only support Israel to bring about the second coming of Christ.
by Bush Hater March 17, 2005
a selfish ignorant sadist who will one day contribute to the suffering and destruction of the whole of humanity except a few of richest, most selfish, most fundamentalist christians who are all white, physically healthy and straight.
He supports the war and capital punishment coz he believes being rich and American gives you the right to kill people less fortunate if it helps you to become richer.
by G March 09, 2005
Anyone who possesses a transparent navel. In order to navigate with your head up your ass, you must have a transparent navel.
I'm trying to see things from Dubya's point of view but I can't get my head that far up my ass! He must have a transparent navel!
by Waheeb February 15, 2004
An itching painful mass of enlarged veins found in red swollen anal tissue.

Also called Hemorrhoids.
Maybe if you wiped the shit off of your ass those fucking Republicans would go away.
by Davied January 24, 2007
Old white crusty people who are afraid of change.
John McCain and George W. Bush are prime examples of republicans.
by scalvis September 07, 2008
1. In Ireland, someone who wants the Six Counties back. Typically votes for Sinn Fein, although in the 26-county republic the centre-right majority party Fianna Fail have tried to steal the mantle.

2. In general, someone who supports democracy and dislikes monarchies, even as figureheads.

3. In the United States, someone who screams about persecution of a minority when the minority is very rich and the "persecution" comes in the form of taxation. The symbol is an elephant, presumably because the trunk hoovers up all the money. Someone who is staunchly pro-life ... at least if the life in question can afford a good lawyer. Will fight the terrorists du jour with every nigger/spic/piece of poor white trash they can scoop off the streets, but not themselves and not with their Johnny. You don't have to be an imbecile to be a Republican, but it certainly helps. Living proof of the falsity of their own cherished belief in the pseudoscience of Creationism. You'd think that in three billion seconds, never mind three billion years, God would have gotten it right.
I'm a Republican! Long live the 32-county republic!

I'm a Republican! Down with the Queen!

I'm a Republican, thank God! Where's my next trillion bucks gonna come from?
by Fearman November 05, 2007

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