A national empire dedicated to the entertainment of people everywhere. Producing a record-setting 42 gaffes per minute, or GPM, the Republican party has been entertaining the general public with lies and promises so false that they can't be true. They've been responsible for the work of artists such as George W. "Mission accomplished!" Bush and Mitt "Gaffe-tastic!" Romney.
by Fuck Yeah! Amurika! October 24, 2012
1. One who is selfish.
2. One who is hypocritical.
3. One who is apathetic.
4. One who discriminates.
5. Bible thumper.
6. One who is intolerant.
7. One who is Christian.
8. One who does not care about anything that does not effect oneself. See apathetic. See selfish
9. One who is against equal human rights. See gay marriage
10. One who is against women's rights. See abortion.
"Who is that person with their head in the sand? Oh, it's a Republican."
by Valerie December 05, 2004
1. Ignorant people, who like sending other people's kids to be shot to pieces so their shares in oil-companies will give them a comfortable retirement, in the few years before they burn in hell for eternity.

2. Those who's children should be drafted.
Republicans say the poor and the disabled only cost them money, so they want to have them killed in the line of 'patriotic duty', instead of their own whoring, drunk, trustfund offspring.
by Vincent Vega Sr August 11, 2005
Slang term for a child who wines and screams loudly when they don't get what they want.
Wow, your kid wines like a Republican receiving government healthcare.
by Editdroid9 September 11, 2009
A completetly retarded political party that tries to force their religion on everyone even though there's separation of church and state, who says that they want less government then violates personal privacy rights like abortion, and then they pass the patriot ACT. They believe that a rape victim should be denied her right to an abortion and be forced to take care of a baby that's not even hers. They are against killing unborn babies yet once the babies are born they don't give a shit and they do nothing to help the baby, the mother or the rest of the family since they cut funding to government programs that help the poor and middle class. In addition, they refuse to provide funding for stemcell research even though it could help us find a cure for cancer.They also give tax cuts to the wealthy as well as big businesses and put the tax burden on the middle class so that power and wealth is in the hands of the small minority of the population while the majority of the population starves. They try to privatize and totally fuck up healthcare and social security so that the poor can't afford medical care. Last but not least, they think that capitol punishment should be senteced to extremely minor crimes and they start wars for no reason and get tons of Americans killed pointlessly. It is a proven fact that Republicans are generally favored and elected by the less educated population. (Go figure).
by ninjastrike125 June 19, 2010
American born without a soul.
The Republican voted against extending unemployment, because he felt it was better to rob the poor to give to the rich.

The Republican believes in the right to life for already aborted stem cells that will never grow into a human being, but supports the death penalty for people who are alive. He believes in supporting life for everyone who is not poor, short, yellow, black, brown, a liberal or an animal. Politically correctly called "Soul-less-Americans" feel no connection to any other living being, but instead use passionate arguments to advance desires for monetary power and control of others.
by WisdomX November 19, 2010
An American who feels no shame in admitting they do not care about other countries, or even people within their own country. Such Americans are usually averse to any sort of tax whatsoever, and like to try and force their beliefs on other people. Republicans see no shame in doing whatever is necessary to get their own way, even if it means stealing an 'election.' Republicans tend to be very religious, and not particularly intelligent. Republicans that are intelligent are usually appalled by the rest of their clan.
"George Bush and Sarah Palin are Republican. This is a very strong argument why you should never vote Republican."

"Republicans believe in a loving God that hates Liberals, Mexicans, Muslims, Immigrants in General, Socialists, Communists and everyone else remotely different from them. Republicans believe in the timeless Christian creed of Love Thy Neighbour, as long as thy Neighbour votes Republican.
by RangersFC2008 December 04, 2008
An American incapable of understanding or speaking the truth. A person uniquely deserving to feel pain and humiliation.
George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Delay
by Dick Smith December 23, 2004

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