A national empire dedicated to the entertainment of people everywhere. Producing a record-setting 42 gaffes per minute, or GPM, the Republican party has been entertaining the general public with lies and promises so false that they can't be true. They've been responsible for the work of artists such as George W. "Mission accomplished!" Bush and Mitt "Gaffe-tastic!" Romney.
by Fuck Yeah! Amurika! October 24, 2012
An intelligent and patriotic individual who loves God and his or her country. A republican understands that faith in God as recognized by our founding fathers is essential to the moral fiber of our great nation. These intelligent individuals believe in a strong national defense, which is very different from wanting to go to war. Republicans believe that peace is preserved through a strong national defense and military and that the military provides awesome opportunities to serve our country. These patriotic individuals believe in smaller government and individual responsibility. They believe in free markets and big successful businesses. They believe that socialism, high taxes, high government spending, and labor unions are oppressive and detrimental to society. Republicans take our constitution very seriously and honor our founding fathers. They believe that universal health care is a bad idea because it is not a government responsibility stated in our constitution. It would also increase spending, raise taxes, and the quality of the healthcare would not be that great anyway. Republicans believe that the individual should take responsibilty for his or her own retirement and healthcare. The believe in faith, families, and freedom. Traditional parenting is the best and most effective way to raise children. They promote sacred life and civil liberties by protesting abortion, which is the murder of an innocent child and homosexuality, which is a disgusting sin. They believe that women belong in the home and that men should be the primary breadwinners. They like to see criminals get busted and that a life is no longer sacred after it has taken another. Republicans are the best people in the world.
I know this person who talks so intelligently and passionately. She must be a republican.
by Urban Dictionary April 30, 2008
One whom cares about moral values. One whom is constantly degraded and insulted by every other political affiliation because they (democrats, greens, independents) fear the idea of being held accountable for their actions. Typically does not believe in killing babies or by the more "scientific definition" abortion. Believes in religion, and the sanctity or marriage because it is a religious ceremony. Would rather be wrong and live than be wrong and die.
Stuart is such a republican, he thought it would be a good idea to go into Iraq even though they haven't done anything to us yet. I think we should just wait until they do something really bad.
by Walter Blake May 13, 2007
The best party in the U.S.
Republicans aren't perfect, but they're way better than the Democrats.
by pro-republican July 28, 2007
Someone who will always be bashed and called a racist for not believing in ILLEGAL immigration

Someone who will always be called an imperialist for supporting the actions of Israel and the United States, although the US only has Guam and Puerto Rico as territories.

Someone who will ALWAYS be blamed for the worlds problems and be called the most contradictive insults imaginable. How can someone be an uneducated hick and still be part of the top 1% in society? How can you be a capitalist nazi? How can you be a racist Christian? Most of the morons on here write definitons saying that only the top 1% rich Christian whites are Republican, yet both elections were almost total 49-51% with Bush winning.

None of these definitons makes sense. You people couldn't be more ignorant. Oh, but who am I to say this? Some wealthy white nazi hick Bush "cocksucker"? I'm middle class, I'm only half white, Nazism was once Americas #1 enemy, I don't like Bush that much, I'm not a racist. It's just your ignorance and constant stereotypes that makes you reinforce your idiotic claims.

Also, this crap about tax cuts only benefiting the rich is bullshit. Read a book called "Why the Left Hates America". It's common sense that tax cuts could not only benefit the rich if you know anything about economics and basic 6th grade math.
I'm a republican. Does that mean I hate poor people and wish the destruction of anyone not white?

by Mark123 March 31, 2007
A person that believes that people are responsible for their own well-being. A person that believes that they are entitled to their own property. A person that believes that someone being poor is sad, but not responsible for it. A person that believes humans as a whole should look after themselves and mind their own business instead of "everybody being everyone's friend and sharing because it's the 'right' thing to give away something that you worked hard for."
A man drops out of high school because he thought it would be a better idea to persue his drug addiction. Five years later, he is now homeless.

Democrat Response: "Oh what a poor guy. We should take money from hard-working individuals so he can have a better life."

Republican Response: "Oh well. You should have thought about it."
A member of one of the two major political parties of the US. Republicans are usually conservative and one of their main beliefs are that people are better equipped to govern themselves than the government.
Bush is a Republican.
by overly-optimistic-bias-fighter April 13, 2006
Someone who has a family and makes a good amount of money and doesn't want to be taxed through the roof or to have his/her tax dollars given to those who have not earned money and who live off of handouts. Stereotyped by the liberal media as Bible-thumping, gun-totting inbreed white trash. Does not want to have medicare socialized because then those who have earned more health care will have to wait for those who haven't and doctors will be paid less money, which will eventually lead to less qualified doctors.
Liberal: Are you a conservative/Republican?
Me: Yes.
Liberal: Why aren't you a white trash bible-thumping moron?
Me: Because that's only the way the liberal media portrays Republicans. I'm actually highly intelligent and earn my money through hard work, but don't want to be taxed through the roof to essentially provide welfare to those that are not as successful as I am.
Liberal: Oh, that's reasonable.
Me: I know.
by Jim Über March 02, 2009

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