Someone who is a member of the Republican party. Republicans believe
1. Low taxes- low taxes allow the American people to keep more of their income. They will then have more money and will be able to invest it for their retirement or spend it in the economy. If the money is spent, more job oppurtunities are created and the country's economy goes up.
2. Lower taxes for the rich- the upperclass currently pays 75 percent of all the taxes in this country. Now tell me is that fair? The upperclass hardly ever gets anything out of these taxes because most of it is used to go to policies which help the poor. Democrates only want to tax the upperclass more, even though they make up only about 5 percent of the population and pay for 75 percent of the taxes. The upperclass also puts the most amount of money into social security and gets the least amount back out later on in their retirement.
3. Pro Life- A life begins at the moment of conception. Why would anyone want to even consider killing a baby? It is terrible. Has anyone ever considered that an aborted baby may one day be the one to find the cure for cancer or might be the next Einstein? If you dont want the child then put it up for adoption. So many Americans are looking to adopt children and they need to go to Asian countries to get them.
4. Againt Affirmative Action- A person should not get financial aid or preferential treatment just because of race. Hundreds of white males are being denied to colleges just becasue the college would rather take someone who is black. Affirmative action is only pointing out racism even more and making the problem worse. If racism wants to be ended then the country needs to start treating people as equals and not giving special treatment only because someone is a minority.
5. Is against gun conrtol- The second ammendment states that Americans have the right to bear arms. Republicans believe in the ammendments.
6. Against policies- Republicans are against government policies. They make people dependent on the government instead of relying on themselevs. The job of the government is not to take care of people's financial needs. If people are not smart enough to save their money during the course of their career than that is too bad for them. Democrates are always for creating policies. What people dont understand is that people are going to eventually pay for those policies which will cause higher taxes. Higher taxes takes money away from the people which in return causes GDP to go down and causes the economy to go down.
7. Want tighter border control- Illegal aliens are not acceptable and need to be sent back to where they came from. They come to America and take advantage of the public school systems and usually avoid paying taxes because they are paid under the table.
8. Non intervention foreign policy- Bush is the one acception to this but he is an idiot. Most Republicans believe in a non intervention foreign policy which basically means we dont get involved in other countries business. They dont believe in policing the world, and they mind their own business here in America.
9. Believe in a smaller Federal Government: The founding fathers wanted America to be run by the people and not allow the government to gain too much power. Republicans are usually the party which does not promote policies which control the American's peoples' lives. They want the American people to run themselves and make descions for themselves.
10. Anti Universal Healthcare- Universal healthcare would only cause the American people to pay more taxes to support the system. The upperclass would be called upon once again to pay for most of it even though they already pay 75 percent of America's taxes. Universal healthcare would also discourage compitition which is extremely important for the economy. IF there is no compitiion then doctors will make a lot less money and the medical business will no longer be the money making business it is now. Universal healthcare also causes people to go on waiting lists to get unneeded surgeries done.

Some common misconceptions: Democrates seem to believe that all Repbulicans support the war in Iraq. That is completly wrong and by no means true. Befor Bush, Republicans were always anti-war and were for a none intervention foreign policy.
Democrates also seem to believe that Republicans want to tax the lower class more. That is not true. They want lower taxes for all people.
Democrates seem to believe that Republicans want to get rid of soscial security, welfare, medicare, and the minimum wage. That is completely false. Republicans do find those policies somewhat valuable and they only want to prevent further unneeded policies to be formed because taxes would only increase.
Some famous Republicans:
Abraham Lincoln- abolished slavery
Teddy Roosevelt
Ricahrd Nixon- brought troops home from Vietnam
Ronald Reagon- promoted low taxes and caused the economy to be great in the 80's.
by hardcorerepublican554 December 04, 2007
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An individual who believes that the white male Christian God should be the only object of worship on the planet, that power and wealth should remain in the hands of 1% of the world's population while the remaining 99% starve, that health care should be privatized so the poor can't afford basic medication, that a rape victim living on welfare should be forced to care for a baby she didn't even ask for, and that America is the only real country on Earth while all those other countries they read about are just fakes invented by communists...oh wait, it's terrorists now, isn't it?
We can all hope that the standard of education in America improves to the point where a Republican can no longer be voted into office.
by Grimrider November 27, 2002
Someone who supports the rights of the unborn, but won't fund stem cell research that could help the millions who are already here. The first one to protest abortion rights, and the first one willing to take a life through capital punishment. Someone who espouses personal freedom, and then tries to pass constitutional amendments to restrict it. Someone threatened by government surplus but unfazed by goverment deficits. Someone who is pro-business but anti-citizen. Someone who wants to take away the helping hand, after he's made it to safety. Someone who holds a cross in one hand and tries to burn it with the other.
He is such a Republican, hypocrisy will be the death of him yet.
by a Patriot August 17, 2004
(Noun) Member of the United States' Republican Party, first emerging in the mid 1800s as an anti-slavery movement. Success of candidate Abraham Lincoln in the Presidential election of 1860 sparked the American Civil War. The party has since moved on to other issues. Republicans today are characterized by typically right-wing, conservative beliefs including but by no means limited to pro-business policies, lack of dependence on the government in daily life, religious convictions, and desire to outlaw what they deem socially undesirable actions.

(Adjective) Typical or characteristic of a Republican or the Republican party.
1. George W. Bush was the Republican candidate for President in 2004.

2. He holds Republican ideals.
by A Discount Brick November 28, 2004
One who cuases almost %50 of this nations problems.
(For the cause of the other %50 see: Democrat)
Watch they say the same things and then say their ideas have more merrit, simply due to the name of their party.
by Wooooo December 15, 2002
Typically a person who believes that:
1)The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution takes precidence over the rest of the Constitution.
2)The rich should be tax-exempt, and that the middle and lower classes should have to foot the bill, also, a person who bitches when an under-funded government agency is unable to carry out its assigned task.
3)Thinks that programs such as welfare, medicare/medicaid and minimum wage are unconstitutional and should be banned.
4)Labels everything and everyone they disagree with as being "Communist" or "Anti-American" or "French."
I'm filthy-stinking rich! How dare you expect me to pay taxes!
by Hu$tla' $teve September 02, 2003
A political party that tries to push its Christian beliefs onto the American people, even though we have a sepaation of church and state.

Furthemore, they support war without knowing all the facts, which cost innocent lives in the process.
You can recommend this for deletion all you want, but whichever way you look at it, the repubicans are bigots, and homophobes, and war hungry people.

Unless that's the kind of thing you like.
by jacksonville October 05, 2004
People who usurp their own religious beliefs to defend their policies. Which is a sin.

People who wish to force their religion upon others while stimultaneously not living up to their religion's expectations. Which, according to Jesus, is a sin.

People who support war and then use "thou shalt not kill" as a reason against abortions.

People who say they are for less government controll over the individual, and then enforce the PATRIOT ACT, the sanctity of marriage amendment, and other civilian intrusions.

People who lower taxes for the wealthiest one percent.

People who get in to office thanks to the less educated population states. (A proven fact)

People who accuse Democrats of being spendthrifts while bankrupting our economy.

People who work for their self interests, and the interests of their campaign funders and benifactors, while in office. (Well, Democrats are infamous for that as well.)

A party that once was good, but then the southern influence came in.

People who accuse Liberals of being whiners while bitching about: Gay People, Public Displays of the Ten Commandments, and Civil Rights.

The antithesis of progress

see hypocrites Inbred Reactionaries
Peter Griffin:
"Hey Lois, look at me. I'm the two symbols of the Republican party. An elephant, and a Fat White guy who's threatened by change."

A Republican
"Damn them Liberals! First they let the women vote, then they let the blacks vote, then they let the black women vote, and now they want us to make peace with a country that did absolutely nothin to us."
by Euthanasia April 10, 2005

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