Someone who has difficulty distinguishing between social and economic ideas. They tend to believe that by allowing "economic freedom" they are promoting democracy and liberty, and that the economic control hurts them greatly. At the same time, they are quick to eliminate freedom that really does affect people's well-being.
Republican: OMGWTFBBQ you Democrats are such fascists!
Democrat: Actually, fascists believe in a free economy and social control, which is the complete opposite of our beliefs and very similar to your Republican view.
Socialist: The USSR was not real communism. We are equated with fascists, but usually we believe in more social freedom than anyone except anarchists.
by Socialist Realism May 11, 2006
noun: someone who believes the following: 1) evil should be prevented when possible, or if not, punished (hence captital punishment, war on terror, etc.)- 2) innocence should be protected (hence "pro-life,") - 3)people should earn their living, not be stuck in an entitlement mindset as a result of a welfare state - 4) the U.S Constitution does not guarantee unlimited personal freedom, but freedom with responsibility - 5) non-Americans have the privilege to enter the country legally and make a positive contribution to American society, and those who enter illegaly are criminals - 6) a government that can give its citizens everything they need can also take it away; wealth should be achieved through the personal investment of time and effort - 7) merit is based on achievement and character, not on skin color or ethnicity - 8) a free market encourages competition and market self-stabalization, while socialism and communism breed corruption, inefficiency, and oppression.
adj: describes a system or belief that is in accordance with the above principles
"The Little Red Hen" is a children's story that exemplifies the Republican mentality that those who do not contribute their time and effort toward something do not deserve to enjoy its benefits.
by Samuel Jones May 03, 2007
The upper class in American society of which the poor are jealous. Generally the hardest workers in a comunity, republicans actually contribute to the GDP. Not the party that sold American nuclear plans to China (that was Bill Clinton). The only contributor to logical thought in the United States of America in the modern day.
The legislative, judiciary, and the executive branches of the American Government are currently run by the Republicans. (ouch to all you democrats)
by CaliforniaKid September 28, 2006
Republican- An individual who, in general, stands for the original purpose of the United States government as being a framework to base citizens life off of, not a mother flippin' piggy bank. This idea is supported with the republican stances on:
1) Economics- Republicans tend to be the party of businessmen, having a good understanding of the value of money, and the long term effects of where that money is invested. This directly opposes a Democratic philosophy to take from those who have worked their entire life and give it to those who frankly couldn't give a damn what side of the dirt they wake up on. Also, it is the Democratic cornerstone to try to ascend their social value by claiming intelligence on areas of little meaning to the real world.
2) Religion - A republican believes in the presence of religion in government. While most do not believe in the strong alliance of religion and government as displayed in the countries of Islam, as evident by the laws derived from Christianity, the church state relation must exist in order to allow the formation of laws to keep the liberals, who are occupying most of the space in the jails and committing most of crimes, in line.
1) Social issues - Republicans take the stance against abortion, for the little just cause in the slaughtering of innocent human beings. Republicans support the death penalty because the individual has chosen a path condemnable by death, while a fetus has not. This also is a fiscal decision for the good of the nation as it prevents the individual from being a tax burden on what little taxes the democrats truly have. Saying it is a woman's right to her body is complete intolerance as someone with reasonable human intelligence as the democrats claim, would see the same hypocrisy in saying it is a man's right to his testicles, he would never cut them off would he?
3) Fiscal issues- Republicans see the humor in this as democrats try to grasp the basic standard in money management. To republicans, it is truly amazing how democrats profess their knowledge of financial matters. With Kennedy's 90% tax bracket, Johnson's great society, Carters, well, total screw up, Clinton's elimination of major industries like ship building (sorry democrats, that company you taxed heavily is now in Italy, and there went a few thousand jobs) its no wonder we even have an economy today. To Republicans it is such a wonder where the democrats fathom the idea that they deserve control over matters well above their heads. God knows what happens when democrats get involved in the financial future of America.

The main idea of Republicans questions the logic behind the liberal idea. For a party so concerned with getting everything for its members, it really is nothing unless it is banded together, something the republican party does not have to do. When looking at the grand scheme of things, the 200+ year old quote of Thomas Jefferson is more a reality today than ever. " A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything you have."
Cheers and God Bless
Ronald Reagan
Margaret Thatcher
Winston Churchill
The Billionaires of the World
by repubtx March 25, 2009
The American polotical party of the rich. Opponents of american party of the poor, Democrats.

Since that party with the largest following is elected, both try to attract new followers. Rupublicans make people rich, Democrats make people poor.
If all that Americans want is security, they can go to prison. They'll have enough to eat, a bed and a roof over their heads. - Dwight D. Eisenhower, Republican
by Dmack_901 March 03, 2005
believes in the life of babies
"I don't think I know enough about politics to say if I'm a republican of not..."
"All you have to know is you support the life of babies."
by Chadiekins July 17, 2009
A group that is often bashed by the ignorant, ass fucking liberal democrats. Most Republicans ignore the assholic Democrat because they know the Democrats are really just stupid ass hats that wish for pot to be legalized. War comes naturally for them because they are proud of their country, and the ideals it was built on, so they will fight to defend it with tooth and nail if need be. Republicans enjoy family activates, and believe that religion, of any form should be a pivotal part of family life. Republicans believe that everyone has a chance at life until they abuse it to a point where they are no longer allowed to live. Republicans enjoy many things, and like all people, will do what they can in attempts to get what they want, examples being meat and oil. Republicans want its people to live in an environment that is a safe and free as possible. Republicans love America, and love peace.
Republicans are often attacked for a view that has worked for the past 200 years of the great country of America.
by Finn Cooley May 03, 2008
Someone who belives in hard work and a God


They belive that babys deserve a chance
THEY DO SUPPORT STEM CELL RESEARCH (just not from an unborn)
They belive in all the amendments
They dont think men should not give blowjobs in a marrige because marrige has is between a man and a woman
They belive in WORKING FOR PAY
They belive in racial equality and have a black chairperson but dont belive that if some black guys could not pass a test that everyone else took, they should not get a position they did not earn for no reason. Also Abe Lincoln was a republican

Oh yeah im poor and a minority and I am Catholic and a Republican so FUCK YOU
Prepy rich honky: Do you know what it is like to be "less fortunate"
Me(republican): Kinda im originally from Little Village and most of my family is inner city and urban
PRH: Well dont you think you would like the money
Me: No my family would not even accept it

PRH:Well you are a republican white guy
Me: Im mexican, ASSHOLE, and I am poorer than you
Me: istead of buying ambercrombie maybe you should spend the $200 you spent on those jeans and donate to charity
PRH: Uhh well you belive that your religion is the only true one
Me: Well so does all religions (besides buddism) but you love Islam and judism but dispise the catholic church
by VhLevant January 13, 2010

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