Someone who has difficulty distinguishing between social and economic ideas. They tend to believe that by allowing "economic freedom" they are promoting democracy and liberty, and that the economic control hurts them greatly. At the same time, they are quick to eliminate freedom that really does affect people's well-being.
Republican: OMGWTFBBQ you Democrats are such fascists!
Democrat: Actually, fascists believe in a free economy and social control, which is the complete opposite of our beliefs and very similar to your Republican view.
Socialist: The USSR was not real communism. We are equated with fascists, but usually we believe in more social freedom than anyone except anarchists.
by Socialist Realism May 11, 2006
A person who knows what their saying, looks for the facts, and doesn't always go with what other people are saying just to fit in with the crowd. They have standards and don't make threats towards other parties just because they don't believe what the other party says. Republicans are also not a religious organization so they do not favor one God of any kind. They are a diverse group and it does not matter what color your skin is or what gender you are. Not every Republican has the same exact opinions, so it is best not to judge everyone as a whole.
Not every Republican is the same.

There really is no major difference between Republican and a "Democrat"; however, Republicans do not believe in threatening Democrats as they threaten Republicans.
by TruthTellerForThePeople September 20, 2011
An individual who believes in lower taxes, a smaller federal government and traditional values. A Republican is someone who feels that more power should belong to the states. This reflects the belief that individuals, business's and states should be responisble for themselves. They should have more freedom from the myriad of tough regulations imposed by the federal government. The primary role of the federal government should be to protect the country from foreign threats not the country from itself. Strong national defense is key. A Republican is also someone who favors free enterprise because competition between businesses is healthy and necessary. Republicans have a conservative approach in regards to economical issues. They also tend to be people of faith and pro-life. The pro-life stance manifests from the value of an individuals freedom from a restricting government. A life, be it unborn or not should be able to have the freedom and opportunity to live once it exists.
A Republican is an individual who believes in lower taxes, a smaller federal government and traditional values.
by Ryan304 April 18, 2010
*NOTE: In referencing to the secession of the South, I want to put out there that I do not believe in slavery. I am a republican and I always will be. Do not give this a thumbs down just because you are a democrat or liberal.

Republicans are people who stand for the right to life. However, those who have no respect for life and feel that they can take a life because of drugs, jealousy, or because they get a sicko impulse to kill, we want you dead.

A republican stands for states rights. Two great examples of state's rights are:
1)In the 1800's, the democrats of congress felt that a state cannot have the right to decide what is legal or not (i.e. slavery). The abolishment of slavery violated state's rights causing the secession of the South. ***NOTE: Again, I personally do not believe in slavery. HOWEVER, I do believe that each individual state has the right to say what is legal and what isn't in that state.

2)The drinking age. The democratic congress pulled a fast one. Congress told the states that if they did not make the drinking age 21, then that state would not get money to fund a highway system in that state.

A republican supports the HARD working man while also supporting the unemployed to get up and work just as hard. They believe that if you work hard to earn your money, you shouldn't be taxed because you do so. As for others people who want government to take care of them, that's fine just get a job so the government won't have to help you anymore.
Republican presidents: Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower
by jkloser December 08, 2009
One of 2 major political parties in the USA. Typically more religious and conservative. Place high values on family, morals, and ethics. They believe in the "trickle down" effect, where by success of businesses in the economy distributes wealth to the working class. They are generally against high income taxes and support all of the bill of rights and constitutional amendments and believe that the right to free speech, and the right to keep and bare arms are as important as the rest.
Republicans voted to save my small business thousands of dollars in taxes to the benefit of my employees and myself
by thesandman2010 September 08, 2009
Someone who thinks they are responsible for their own happiness, and doesn't kill babies.
That republican didn't even kill that baby..what a Bible-thumper.
by zeroaster November 10, 2008
1. One who believes in the idea of a republic, literally meaning "Rule of law". In other words, someone who is against mob rule and that society should be governed by laws, and not popular opinion.

2. A member of the Republican Party(GOP). The GOP is a broad coalition of right-leaning ideologies including but not limited to: Economic liberalism, conservatism, paleoconservatism, neoconservativism, laissez-faire capitalism, and libertarianism. Most republicans tend to favor "small government" as opposed to "big government."

Republicans and conservatives tend to favor Equality of Opportunity as opposed to Equality of Result, meaning that people should only be guaranteed the opportunity to succeed, as opposed to the idea that people should be guaranteed success. The golden rule of conservatism is that Freedom should always be placed above Equality, a view also held by anarchists and libertarians.

Some Republican positions:
1. Individual responsibility.
2. Flat tax, no one should have to give more than their fair share.
3. Strong education based on making sure schools do their jobs. Find good teachers, and help bad teachers find new jobs.
4. Low government spending.
5. Little to no gov. intervention in the economy. It can fix itself better than any bureaucratic gov. can.
1. The United States was founded on republican principles.

2. That person favors a smaller federally government, he is probably a Republican.
by I. C. Paris July 25, 2009
A person who believes in conservative values. The "lesser of two evils".
Well, I can't say I really agree with the viewpoints of Republicans or Democrats, but I suppose Republicans are the lesser of two evils. After all, Democrats are the ones who want to make the government so powerful that you wouldn't even be allowed to wipe your own ass without their permission.
by Wiicked February 12, 2008

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