Someone who has difficulty distinguishing between social and economic ideas. They tend to believe that by allowing "economic freedom" they are promoting democracy and liberty, and that the economic control hurts them greatly. At the same time, they are quick to eliminate freedom that really does affect people's well-being.
Republican: OMGWTFBBQ you Democrats are such fascists!
Democrat: Actually, fascists believe in a free economy and social control, which is the complete opposite of our beliefs and very similar to your Republican view.
Socialist: The USSR was not real communism. We are equated with fascists, but usually we believe in more social freedom than anyone except anarchists.
by Socialist Realism May 11, 2006
A member of one of the completely legitimate political parties of the United States of America, and someone whose views apparently are always wrong, narrow-minded, and ignorant, according to young, idiotic, self-righteous Democrats (i.e., whiny teenagers) with fast food opinions who yell and protest for changes and government reform, even if they do not know what it is they're protesting.
Republican: Well, I believe that-
Whiny teenage "Democrat": No! You're wrong! You're a Republican, so you're automatically an ignorant, bigoted, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant with a southern accent!
Republic: But I'm bla-
Whiny teenage "Democrat": No! You're wrong, stupid Republican. I'm going to make off-color, cliché jokes about you now! RANT RANT RANT RANT RANT.
Republican: Just be quiet.
by Vand February 13, 2011
Another way of political thinking which our liberal democrat buddies love to berate on a fake dictionary while feeling smart and political but actually know very little of any of our actual beliefs so I deserve to be exiled for not thinking your way, yet, you will go ape-shit if someone is a patriot and will openly insult your own country as you and other foreigners laugh at -who else- you.

Fact: Democrats think Republicans are a Majority.
Fact: That's a load of horse shit and they want to feel special and not cliche like 80% of them are-- which is also who over 70% of America are.
Fact: While knowing extremely little of George Bush's actual policies, will claim how terrible he is in an attempt to look like a politician while just being trendy and annoying.

--Like I know you all will, try to avoid replying to me in any way, I don't give a shit what you want to say, cause I already know. Read but not dictated.
Liberal: WHAT?! How can you be a republican??
Republican: Cause it's a two-party system and I don't share a cliche ideal.
Liberal:-ignores every detail cause they feel very intelligent-
by Only Patriot September 11, 2010
A political party that falls on the right in the spectrum. Tends to believe in Lassiez Faire economics, otherwise know as Capitalism, and some restrictions of personal choice. While i dont completely agree with their ideology, i consider myself a republican because i cant come to support the vast majority of democrats today.
Some Examples of republican ideals i agree with:
War is sometimes nesscesary.
You should Earn your own money.
There should be a flat tax rate.
Illegal immigration should be stopped.
The Death Penalty.
Freedom of speech, Responsible for the Liberal Media (MSNBC,, Democratic Underground)
and the conservative media (FOX News, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh)
A Republican Is a Republican.
A Democrat Is a Democrat.
by Sweet_Tea_Sipper July 30, 2009
One of the two main political parties of the United States, founded in 1854 to oppose the expansion of slavery.

Republicans believe:

That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice.

That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice and opportunities, and should take on their responsibility as citizens in a free society.

That fiscal responsibility and budgetary limits must be implemented at all levels of government.

That the Federal Government must protect the individual liberty by observing constitutional limitations.

That peace is best upheld though a strong national defense.

That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers, is vital to the moral fiber of the Nation.
Republicans believe in lower taxes and less governmental control of one's daily life.

Republicans also believe that you should be able to keep the money you earn and not have it spread around to undeserving people who don't work as hard as you do.

Famous Republican presidents include Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.
by Zepre#3 July 13, 2010

Rights for All, including Unborn Babies
Energy Independence
Prison for Criminals
United We Stand
Believe in GOD
Law and Order
IS Means is and nothing else
Constitution is not a Living Document
America First
National Defense
Republicans agree with this definition.
by Srehpog Daed April 06, 2006
chastised for:

being filthy rich, including but not limited to: teresa heinz kerry, bill clinton, all of hollywood.

controlling the media, this is why we see a lot of pro war documentaries and pro capitalism pictures.

because they should give enough money to taxes to where they dont get to benefit from their achievements, whether inherited or self earned.

however, mostly they are harassed because they are in office right now.
(republicans) are known for their trophy wives. - al franken
by both parties are twisted December 02, 2006
The opposite of a Democrat. Republicans and Democrats are the 2 political parties in America as of Jan. 8, 2011. Republicans tend to believe the following
-In Christianity (That isn't a bad thing, it's not illegal to have a faith, they aren't stupid for believing in a God)
-Against Abortions (Only time you should get one is if you were raped. If you got drunk and fucked that's your fault)
-Against Welfare, Medicade, Minimum Wage, etc. You should make your own damn money and if you can afford healthcare then you should have every right to get Healthcare.

-That Upper and Middle Class citizens shouldn't be punished by handing over half their money that they made to people that can't get out and atleast try to find a job, and instead their taxes should go to Education and Military
-That in business, and in general that there should be as little government interference as possible
Republican: Why should I give my money away that I made with my own blood and sweat and tears to some ass hole that lives in an apartment and probably just spends it all on cocaine, beer, hookers, and marijuana?!?
by Nathanstumpf23 January 08, 2011

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