Someone who has difficulty distinguishing between social and economic ideas. They tend to believe that by allowing "economic freedom" they are promoting democracy and liberty, and that the economic control hurts them greatly. At the same time, they are quick to eliminate freedom that really does affect people's well-being.
Republican: OMGWTFBBQ you Democrats are such fascists!
Democrat: Actually, fascists believe in a free economy and social control, which is the complete opposite of our beliefs and very similar to your Republican view.
Socialist: The USSR was not real communism. We are equated with fascists, but usually we believe in more social freedom than anyone except anarchists.
by Socialist Realism May 11, 2006
A word utilized within the FBI to refer to African-Americans. It is often used in a negative context, so as to obscure the topic of discussion from outsiders.
The Republicans are really causing trouble in Newark.
by K354654654654641 July 10, 2008
Folks who like to work for a living. They believe affirmative action is bullshit, should be the best man for the job. They believe in limited government, low taxes, and a strong national defense. You know....things that have made America the stongest most badass nation on the planet.
Barack Obama and his cronies are ruining the's only a matter of time before the Republicans take charge again. Remember Jimmy Carter?
by drewman05 July 12, 2009
A member of an American political party founded on the issue of abolition (getting rid of slavery) as opposed to the Democratic Party which was formed on Indian relocation under Andrew Jackson.

The first Republican Presidential candidate was Abraham Lincoln and they were the main opposition to the pro-slavery Democratic Party.

In later years, Democrats claimed they were the original Republicans, mostly because they looked like buttheads for opposing Lincoln and good business practices. (Like not using slaves and stuff.)

But we know this is BS because even under FDR, the Democratic Party put Americans in concentration camps and today they embrace near-slave labor as long as they can get an overpriced iPad.

The modern Republican holds controversial views like small business is worth encouraging, more employees are hired when there are profits and private property should not be taxed above market values ever.

Social issues are all over the map in the Republican Party, because they allow other ideas into the machine. The Democrat Party tells their subordinates what Republicans think in easy-to-digest cartoonish talking points.
Republican: "I love that private commerce has brought us the greatest society in human history."

Democrat: "I am suffering with my two year old Volvo, iPhone, two iPads, Mac Book Pro and premium cable package.
You need to pay me a fair share you ____ Republican!"
by Guido555 October 27, 2011
Members of one of America's two largest political parties which, like it or not, are equals in opression as well as service. It has recently become trendy to hate them, because Green Day tells us to. It is better to be a republican than a tool whose information is force-fed to him through the hose of MTV's *infinite* wisdom.
Tool #1: Dude, Bush is a douche
Tool #2: Yeah. I don't wanna be an American Idiot. Let's go smoke some weed.
Non-Tool: Hey, or you could smoke a shotgun, instead.
by double-barrel doobie June 26, 2005
A political party, formed in Ripon Wisconsin in 1850s. Funny that their main platform was anti-slavery but now Democrats have the black vote. Lincoln was the first Republican, he was killed (durr). The elephant symbol was actually created in a cartoon after Democrats attempted to scare Republicans into thinking that President Grant would run for a 3rd term. The cartoon showed the Republicans as a huge elephant unscared by the rearing of the Democrat Jackass. The Republican philosophy encourages individual liberty, individual decision-making, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

I wish they'd be against welfare, food stamps, government grants, border jumpers (wet backs), and other idiots that ruin this fair country. They should be more for weed, drinking, and free liberties. But, you can't have both, so, between Republicans and Democrats, I choose the better compromise.
Democrats would be a whole lot smarter if they voted for Republicans
by Biff Justice October 30, 2005
People who like to use their brains to:
1)Amass enormous sums of money.
2)Prevent democrats from developing legal ways of stealing it.
Intelligent life does indeed exist on Earth, as evidenced by republicans.
by smithbones March 22, 2008
Used to be the party that stood for something. Has recently abandoned core principles, which is why it is divided right now.
Half the party still believes in personal responsibility, ingenuity, and resolve.
Believes that the very Government that has screwed every social program up, from social security, to infrastructure funding, to the banking industry, should not be the same entity that oversees healthcare.
The cavemen who would hunt, gather, fish, navigate, and kept the society generally productive were Republicans.
Un-educated up to high school diploma holders are generally NOT Republicans.
Those who go to college, and receive high degrees(i.e Bachelors), doctorites, or PhDs ARE majority Republican.
Republican: I have provided you the ends and the means to which you can become successful.

Democrat: Take that man's money! Evil! Lie! Lie! Lie! Lyer! Lying! Lie! Lie! I like to aimlessly throw around the word "lie"!
by AmericanMade November 23, 2008

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