While it is true that the Republican party used to be the party of Lincoln, and that a higher percentage of Republicans voted for the 1964 civil rights bill than Democrats, modern day Republicans are very different.

In 1964 Democrats from northern states voted almost unanimously for the civil rights bill, Democrats from the south voted almost unanimously against it. The Democrats who opposed civil rights were southern conservatives, they would be Republicans today.

Strom Thurmond was a Democrat, he left the Democratic party in 1964 specifically because he opposed civil rights for blacks. Charles Pickering, the conservative judge appointed to a federal appeals court by GW Bush during a senate recess was a Democrat and switched to the Republican party in 1964, specifically because he opposed civil rights for African Americans. Many Republicans who supported civil rights became Democrats in 1964.

Look at a map of former slave states and compare it to a map of the 2004 electoral college results. Notice a pattern? Ohio, Indiana and Iowa changed from free states in 1861 to Republican states in 2004, Maryland and Delaware changed from slave states in 1861 to Democratic states in 2004. Except for those 5 states, the maps match up exactly.

2004 Electoral College Map:
1861 Slave State Map:
Not all Republicans are racist, but all racists are Republicans.
by j05h May 14, 2005
A right wing, rich, upper class, yuppie, holyer-than-thou, coke snorting, anarchy type political party who are so conservative they don't want to change anything. They are against anything that is not approved by God, and are always claiming that the democrats are evil.
Person: I'm a Republican.

Person2: I hate you.
by Mr. Zimpy November 22, 2009
Members of the Republican Party, believed to once be a cult, they try to demolish the States and the rest of the world with the following:

a) pushing christian beliefs on the country
b) eating BBQ
c) funding "the Passion of the Christ"
d) starting wars for no reasons
e) starting wars to distract the country from other terrorists
f) etc.
a) Marriage is supposed to between a man and a woman!
-translates to-
Those fashionable homosexuals laughed at my boots in highschool! Revenge!
b) Lets watch the e-lek-ti-un coverage whiles we eats us some BBQ at Mom's!
c) godgodgod
d) Well... Dat guy... Saddam... He's one bad mother fucker. Lets go kill peoples and SMOKE 'IM OUT.
e) Osama?
by Suzy November 14, 2004
There are many definitons for a republican:

1-A lousy, no good hick who thinks that killing other people in other countries for no justifible reason.

2-Likes stealing money from the poor, to make the rich richer.

3- Thinks that god should be involved in everything, even though seperation of church and state is a law in the united states

4-Believes that NO woman should have a right over her body, because god forbid your one day pregnant, and you just cant do it becAUse GOD IS GOING TO SEND YOU TO HELL!! AHHH!!

5- likes to put own country in more danger by putting us into war

6- discriminitve against gays
ie- pigheaded bush
ie- condoleeza rice
ie- vice president
by lanie024 August 08, 2005
The political arm of the Religious Right
Republican opposition to stem cell research, their call for amending the constitution because of gay marrige, their hostility to Roe v. Wade, and their pandering in the Schiavo case are all explained by the fact that Republicans have become the political arm of Christian conservatives
by jon April 02, 2005
Bible thumping idiots.
This is an actual conversation I had with an actual rebuplican.

Seth-So are you Republican or Democrat?
Me-Democrat. Why?
Seth-I'm a republican. If Obama becomes president me and my friend are going to assasinate him.
Me-Why? Obama seems like a pretty good guy to me.
Seth-I think our president should be full American. Not African American.
Me-Thats really rascist and stupid. You're a jerk. Do you even know what republicans believe?
Seth-Well, I don't know what we believe, but I know the democrats are stupid.
Me-Are you pro life or pro choice?
Seth-What does that mean?
Me-Pro choice means you're for the choice of abortion. Pro life means you're against abortion.
Seth-Pro choice because republicans are for choices.

by holly the ginger kid. September 15, 2007
A psychological condition, and corresponding diagnosis, indicated for a person who displays or exhibits the following signs or symptoms:

1. An inordinate concern for his/her own welfare, property, and/or wealth;

2. A disturbing disregard or dismissal of the welfare and material needs of others, a distinguishable anti-social personality disorder; and,

3. An unsteady and hypocritical view of the truth, requirements and demands of Christian religion.

A condition identical to and synonymous with derangement and child molestation.
Doctor 1: "I am serious! He would cannibalize his wife, bury his child alive, and rape and sodomize his mother if doing so would earn him a buck."

Doctor 2: "Oh dear! He's a republican. He should be in a mental hospital . . . , or prison."
by Bill Beck O'Hannity March 29, 2010
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