a political organization of elected officials who sell their votes in a mass block, inexchange for campaign contributions "bribes" to vote in favor of those making donations to the crime family against the will an best interest of the citizens of the nation.
Huge donations are given to the republican crime family so that all its members vote for and pass a law to elliminate the standard light bulb because they only sell for 25 cents or so each. Under the new law, these are banned, only spiral flourescent type bulbs containing enough mercury to require a hazmat team to clean if broken are allowed to be sold. These sell for a few dollars each. The light bulb companies gave huge donations to the crime family to get this law passed. The spin was that is "saves energy"
by american24366 December 28, 2011
Top Definition
one of the two political crime families in the united states, known for manipulating the theocratic fascists of the religious right by claiming to want to ban abortion and impose their religious agenda on the nation while really just giving everything to the corporate crime families that pull their strings.
The republican crime family gives unlimited money to the corporate criminals through the military and prison industrial complexes while pretending to care about the religious nuts and fascists they are manipulating to stay in power.
by anarcho z August 05, 2010
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