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as in representing, often used to say something is awesome or cool
"man your new jumper is reppin'"
"i know dude"
by neridaa November 02, 2007
32 22
To represent something or some place.
"I'm reppin from B-Town"
by UrbanAssault December 06, 2002
585 79
to represent something
" im reppin 6th grade, baby"
by brittany March 04, 2005
371 174
Reppin: (verb) comes from the root word, represent.

When something cool, amazing, or exciting happens.
"Just got a 100% on my math test, soooo reppin"

"That is so reppin"

"Reppin all day errday"

"Reppin reppin reppin reppin"
by a.repssssss February 09, 2012
17 28
Something totally amazing, cool, or exciting. Comes from the word "represent".

When something really cool, amazing, or exciting occurs, reppin could be used in a victory dance!
"Just got a 100% on my math test, soooo reppin"

"ahwe man, reppin reppin reppin reppin"

"reppin all day errday"
by a.repsss February 09, 2012
17 29
A female who is wearing a g-string with visible lines showing through her tight skirt or pants.
Dam that birds reppin
by FBS for LIFE August 07, 2011
27 57
Having the talent to represent where you from
The Watcher knows how to be reppin the Orl area.
by Da Watcher May 17, 2004
150 180