"Reow" is a phonetic word from the flash animation "End of the World" where many major world powers nuke each other.

It is used is the following ways:

1. A Greeting - like Hello
2. A Congradulatory comment - like Good Job! or Cool!

* Other comments from the animation may also be used in conjunction, such as "H'yes" or "h'okay".

** "Good Good" a reference to a Family Guy episode, may also be used to humor the dialect.

Brian: Hello Sean
Sean: REOW!


Brian: I just got a PSP!
Sean: REOW!!
Brian: H'yes, good good.
by Sean Murphy March 30, 2005
Top Definition
the noise a cat with mental retardation would make
The retarded cat said, "Reow" after it walked into a pole.
by Beee & Meeesh March 15, 2006
used by young people if something is sexy.

also widely used on popular social sites like; myspace, facebook, bebo etc.
typically in photo comments
*hot guy walks past*
reowww, paul is so hot.

or anything hot
reow that skyline is sexy

reow you look sexy jane in your new default
xoxox ly
by that_is_so_hot12344321 June 06, 2009
Used when someone gets angry, to show them how angry they are. A pun! refering to them being an angry cat the needs a scratching post to get rid of the anger.
Person1 : OMG F**K OFF
Person2 : Reow
Person3 : hahaha owned noob
Person1 : FML YOU C**T
PErson2 : Reow
Person3 : hahaha want some aloe vera for that burn?
by The One that says Reow July 27, 2012
if you see something, or someone sexy say it. (Ree.owwww)
guy 1: she went crazy last night!!!!

guy 2:reow!!!1

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