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Not to the extreme that is being owned.
person a: dude. this sucks.
person b: so do you. RENTED!
by collin miller September 12, 2003
Something you put in place of pwned. Way cooler too.
Kid 1: Dude I found out my mom was a guy last night...
Kid 2: Oh! RENTED!
Kid 1: *continues to feel rented and sad*
by srsly February 27, 2005
When you "own" someone and they do something to "own" you back.

Basically, it's temporary ownage.
superduperr0flman_x: wtf? how did you headshot me like that?
masterofawesom3: hahaha owned.
masterofawesom3: oh shit! you did it back to me!
superduperr0flman_x: hahaha you don't own me.
masterofawesom3: rented. :(
by superduperr0flman_x August 28, 2004