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Misspelling of "renege". Almost certainly formed by incorrectly identifying the root for the past tense (reneged) which is more common than the present tense. Renege means to fail to keep a commitment or promise.
He reneged on the deal.
by aklnawefun23 October 11, 2007
Slang abbreviation of the term renegotiate; to go back on or review a deal already finalized or closed.
He reneged on the deal.
by leah x July 20, 2005
to play the wrong suit to gain an advantage in cards
while playing spades, clubs were lead, the person whos turn it was cut the club with a spade but later on in the hand when clubs were played again, he had a club in his hand. therefore the player had reneged earlier
by roborsteal November 28, 2010