Short for the Greek name 'Irene' meaning Peace. Rena is funny, smart and a great friend. Rena always makes people laugh, and she is usually quite tanned with dark hair which men find beautiful.

Can be a bossy boots sometimes but good friends love that about Rena. Rena is a very strong person who doesn't care what people think. If anyone knows a person called Rena, you will definitely have some amazing memories.
Rena is such an amazing person!
by greatdefinitionxxx December 04, 2011
Top Definition
The best, prettiest, smartest, most awesome person in the entire universe!!!!!YAY!!!!!
Rena is sooooooooooo cool!!!
by lunamoon87 April 28, 2005
Rena is so amazing because she has the best smile and her name is really unique :) shes always really nice. Usually tall and obsessed with the colour blue, just like the sea.
Wow look at rena helping those people
by ML<3<3 May 01, 2012
such an amazing friend and has a huge heart, will always be there for you no matter what. is also very sweet and extremely caring, pretty, talented, smart, and amazing!! :D
isnt rena amazing?

by karnisheexx May 30, 2013
n. 1) A seemingly unattainable female that you finally get to have sex with after having had a crush on her for years.
2) A relationship (usually sexual) with a seemingly unattainable female, which boosts a man's ego, and restores his faith in the human race.
1) “I dug her for years, but she never paid attention to me; then all of a sudden, Boom! -I got a Rena.”

“I was feeling totally down and unattractive, then I had a Rena with girl next door and now I'm feeling like I can walk on air.”

by Ineversawthelightuntilnow January 31, 2009
the smartest & prettiest girl you will ever meet
i cant believe i was such a jerk and broke up with rena because i wanted "other" things
by xTiiTyLiickerx69 July 07, 2011
A bird that doesn't fly straight.
Look a Rena just flew into a tree :D
by Sexy Beech January 01, 2012
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