The one and only Remy Keller.
However, searching for just "Remy" on google gives mostly links to the following :
1.) Remy Martin Cognac
2.) Remy Shand (an R&B artist)
3.) Remy Zero (a no-hit-wonder band)
4.) Remy LeBeau (X-Men's Gambit)

As well as a whole slew of other Remy's
ranging from personal, to corporate sites, and even to a site for exotic dancers.
Remy Keller's site is fairly dead.
However, there's still some fun stuff on there if you can find it, as well as links to everything beloning to him.
by Remy July 23, 2004
Someone who gets trashed off of a small amount of alcohol.
That kid is a 2 beer queer, no hes a remy.
by dr.perfect July 20, 2008
A word that can be used for everything.
That is soo remy.

Oh baby you are remy today.
by Jessilee May 04, 2006
When a younger sister is better and more liked then her older sisters. She is also the favorite among family and friends. A Remy also doesnt take breaks.
Lauren maybe you should change your last name to Remy.
by Comet October 12, 2004
biggest skank at school, makesout with all the boys, will kiss anyone and everyone. drinks, smokes, eats weed brownies, gets fingered, can't keep a friend. looks like she's 8 years old. think's shes so cute. always has her tounge out because she loves to makeout. basically the defintion of remy = skank slut whore bitch cunt faggot low life no friends biggest bitch you'll meet.
Dude1: Ew look at that girl who just madeout with 3 guys in one night!

Dude2: Yeah bro that's Remy! She's the biggest whore at school
by Sura<3 June 28, 2011
1.A street name for hard liquor
2.A slang term for LSD or Acid
1:Man, that Remy passed that suka out.

2:Man, lets hit up that Remy and get high as hell.
by adxc May 15, 2005
the act of jackin off in the school library at conference period.
Scott pulled a "remy" yesterday at CP!!!
by Harry Mann May 10, 2005

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