The one and only Remy Keller.
However, searching for just "Remy" on google gives mostly links to the following :
1.) Remy Martin Cognac
2.) Remy Shand (an R&B artist)
3.) Remy Zero (a no-hit-wonder band)
4.) Remy LeBeau (X-Men's Gambit)

As well as a whole slew of other Remy's
ranging from personal, to corporate sites, and even to a site for exotic dancers.
Remy Keller's site is fairly dead.
However, there's still some fun stuff on there if you can find it, as well as links to everything beloning to him.
by Remy July 23, 2004
Top Definition
Short for Remy Martin, an expensive Cognac liquer, often referred fondly to by various rappers.
When I guzzle Remy, I do shit on purpose - you NEVER hear me say 'forgive me'.
by keyshaw May 02, 2004
someone who cares for others and wants to make a difference. A person who prays every night and seeks interest in helping others and the world before thinking and helping herself. Also is leader, and a risk taker and very fun to be around.
" I had a dream".... that one day i can pull off a Remy.
by ymernicole July 14, 2008
Remy is a beautiful person! If you ever meet one, consider yourself lucky since they don't come around that often.

Remy has a beautiful smile and laugh and a hilarious sense of humour! Amazing kisser and amazing at other things too ;) She has an awesome rack and bootylicious booty!

The only downside to Remy is that she doesn't hang around long! She'll come along and brighten your day and then can leave without saying anything. Remy is also very nervous when it comes to relationships! If you ever meet a Remy, treat her like a Queen, she'll feel more confident and will probably stay around!
Remy is one-of-a-kind!
by OliviaIsCool March 13, 2012
Short for the liquor Remy Martin which is a cognac. tasty at that
Pass the remy please.
by almighty josho May 12, 2005
Remy is the COOLEST person on the planet! She is a person who cares for global warming and love amimals and wants to make a difference in the world. She is beautiful and unique and is the funniest girl out of all her friends. Everyone loves a Remy and everyone needs a Remy.
-Remy could be the white oprah.
-I was i was Remy.
- Remy is so funny!!
- Remy has a hot sister.
-Remy is going to be famous for everything.
by ymerelocin August 29, 2008
Remy Martin Cognac
A expencive cognac (brandy) imported from france
I'm just chill'n and sippen on some remy
by frismac July 21, 2010
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