A remie, a remster, a retard.
A cerebrally challenged individual.
Goddamn remtard!
Learn to read remtard!
by J June 17, 2003
Top Definition
Combination of the words remedial and retard, used to imply that a person requires remedial education and is, threfore, a retard.
1. "They fly Hurricanes, isn't it?, them's shit planes for remtards on free dinners"

"I'm flying a Hurricane, it's a shit plane, I'm rubbish and my mum goes chippy in her slippers]]"

"that's me being them". "that's well funny man"
by Spanish Castle Magic March 20, 2010
Combination of "remedial" and "retard" that insults a persons intelligence
Dave: "uh where did I put my pen"

George: "You're such a remtard man"
by Dan1456 February 01, 2008
A remedial retard - therefore twice as bad as either.
e.g: "Capper you Remtard! Shut yo' face!"
by A.D.C June 06, 2006
someone who is both retarded and a rem
"dude u shot me in the foot with a nailgun u remtard!"
by sam jenko April 30, 2008
A remedial retard - not a fully fledged retard!
"Don't be such a remtard"
by Cassie-Jayne September 03, 2007
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