re·mod·el - verb- \rē-ˈmä-dəl\: to shed the uterine walls in preparation for rebuilding new uterine walls, i.e. on the rag.
As in, "Dude, she wanted me to munch her box but she was remodeling and I wasn't down with going down".
by Holepuncher October 17, 2011
Top Definition
This usually happens after eating a the $5 meatball marinara sandwich special at the corner dive bar. Once you've realized it was on special, because the sauce already turned toxic, it's too late. Before you can get your pants and underwear to your ankles, the repainting of your bathroom has already begun. As you hit the floor, face first, passing out due to the pain, your ass is turned into a mini Bellagio fountain dancing to "Singing in the Rain"
I'm sorry I didn't mean to remodel your bathroom.
by Drawnats May 22, 2015
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