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short 4 remmy martin
bring that henny & that remmy aight?
by MyssSunshyne November 28, 2003
1.Feel a girl up
2.A pimp who knows what to do with his life
3.Always the coolest person in the room
Girl:Are you gonna Remmy me already
Guy:Sure why not
The hipster way of saying retard
Internet User 1: "How has this video got 8 million views? There isn't even that many people in the world!"

Internet User 2: "You fucking remmy!"
by wh1t3h34d October 07, 2015
Derived from the word remtard. Means absolute idiot, or retard.
Rem dog on bad education

Person 1: mate, how are you and Jess going?
Person 2: you remmy! We broke up 2 months ago!
by Jags eh December 09, 2013
in deaf culture, the word "remember" is shortened to remmy.
I remmy you!
by "Norma Rae" July 26, 2009
cheap slut of a bitch
Look thee goes a reMMy!!
by Maaarc February 25, 2003
Short for remedial as in cluster fuck
oh my god alan is such a remmy!
by cheeseoi April 02, 2003
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