Term used to describe a group of conservatives with a certain religion taking their dominance in the world of politics over anything else.
With the Religious Right in the White House, many non-theists feel threatened.
by Falconrath January 31, 2004
A political group in the United States that are rarely either religious or right
The Religous Right support the invasion of Iraq, and are opposed to funding being diverted from defence to education, welfare and healthcare - whatever happened to "love thy neighbour" religious right
by Ed1986 January 12, 2006
A political movement of individuals espousing that their manifest destiny is to inculcate the US with their beliefs, both temporal and spiritual, for the good of mankind. (Naturally, the power of the country, once obtained, will come in handy for forcing this belief structure down the throats of all world people. Who can argue with 20 megatons of "convincer".) Their approach directly contradicts the Constitution and the Founders intentions, but, hey, those guys weren't evangelical fundamentalist so fuck 'em.
I exemplify by contradiction: the religious right have shown the rage to perpetrate the murder of individiduals to foster their causes (killing of abortion clinic doctors, or the "accpetable losses" of innocents in pre-emptive military actions.) This violates commandments, but they are both "right" and "religious". Same case they make against fundamentalist Islamists, isn't it.
by scott semper November 13, 2004
The extremely ironic name for the shit-brained fascists who are fighting for control of America, and who put the Bush junta in power.
Fuckin' A Batman! Fuckin' A!
by Pace June 04, 2004

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