An organized set of spiritual beliefs for the purpose of gaining knowledge about the ultimate nature of reality. It serves as a constant source of purpose and comfort for countless millions of people. It is often incorrectly blamed for every evil in human history. Religion is not, and never was the source of these evils. It is our own corrupt and violent nature as human beings that cause evil. This coupled with strong socio-economic forces have made history quite violent, however it has all been in spite of religion not because of it.
The claims of religious text do not even need to be true for religion to have social utility.
by Keys7854 July 27, 2010
Can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. Religion is not inherently evil, its is people that make it what it is. It is only the biggest lie in human history if one allows a large bureaucratic organization to take control of it and make people believe under pain of death or some other unfortunate punishment.

In an ideal world religion should be a personal experience, but that is not part of the human condition as a whole. Religion brings hope in times of great duress and it can bring inspiration. Don't forget that it was the people of the Islamic faith who developed and pursued germ theory while Christians were wallowing in the Dark Ages.

Religion is ingrained in all of humanity, even atheists, who do not believe in a higher power still engage in religion like activity, such as rituals (taking a shower or bathing) and/or holding preconceived notions about Humanity (inherently good or evil). All things revolve around religion, no matter how much we distance ourselves from it.

People do terrible things in the name of religion, but they also do terrible things in the name of ideologies or creeds, such as skin color or capitalism vs. communism. Lets all just take a breath and accept that this is who we are, and try to enjoy the short time on this pale blue dot in the inescapable lens of the human experience and the human condition.
Imagine a World without religion. imagine a world where you are not in it.
by Mjollnir84 July 29, 2009
Something that stupid atheists keep bitching about. They say it has killed more people than anything else but when you mention communism and fascism (which were historically proven to be satheist ideologies!) killed over 100 million people in the 20th century alone which is more than what christianity and islam have done combined, they stop talking ot copme up with lame excuses.
Stupid Atheist: religion is evil! it kills people!

Smart religious guy: what about communism? it killed way more than religion.

Stupid atheist" (silence)
by Abeman February 05, 2008
The true defininition: a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with faith.

Essentially: yes, those people who are religious have caused death, but this is not due to the religion itself. Imagine how many lives have been saved by religion! The reality is that religion is the principle by which all institutions are created Without it, we wouldn't be where we are today.
hospitals, peace treaties, schools...just to name a few

Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, Thomas Jefferson, Darwin(!), Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Kennedy, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr.

--would you rather live in a world without religion? ...I certainly don't want to.
by caroline521 March 29, 2006
At its core, religion is adherence to a code of beliefs. Often bashed by evangelical atheists who don't understand that their belief in no god is itself a religion.

Also note that general religion or faith is not the same thing as organized religion. Organized religion is, theologically, man's interpretation of what God wants. For example, Christianity is a belief in God and Jesus (see the Bible for more specifics), and the organized religion of Catholocism (later, the Protestant faiths) was created to 'bring God to the people.'

Most faiths say basically the same thing (that there was one loving God, a flood, some prophets and some other stuff) but a lot of organized religions have been twisted into an excuse for people to kill each other (if theres one thing humans love more than killing each other, its doing it for a greater cause).
Everyone is a member of some religion, even if it's the religion of no religion. Now Deal With It kthx.
by C++ August 16, 2005
The source of all morality, reasoned thought and social cohesion in the last 3000 years.
MAN 1 - Let's go kill some shit.
MAN 2 - Wait.... remember God?
MAN 1 - Oh shit, yeah.
by poned April 01, 2005
Very large (usually popular) cults.
"'Stupid religions'she said, as she masterbated to the bible."
by DieJebusDie August 19, 2003

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