A system whereby people look to supernatural forces or entities for guidance, protection, power, knowledge, etc.

Ideally, religion should be about soul-searching, personal betterment, open inquiry, honesty, community, compassion, and striving towards a higher plane of existence. Regrettably, throughout history religions have been created/perverted by the societal elite to maintain their power and oppress others. Unfortunately, it is because of such sins of the past (and present; see televangelist, religious right, gaybashing) that have contributed to a global increase of people unwilling to accept any kind of religion.
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, tribal shamanism, Zoroastrianism, Vodun (Voodoo), Mormonism, etc.
by Yax Balam January 06, 2005
A fools way of explaining things they cannot comprehend or do not wish to comprehend. Something to control and make people feel secure.

Has caused countless deaths and wars for such rediculous reasons.

A social culture so riddled with flaws, lies and contradictions it is laughable. Wait, so where did all these other people come from after Adam & Eve? What of Dinasaurs, eh?! What of them!?
God: "Thou shall not build houses of worship in my name"

*we go an build houses of worship*

God: "Your you humans are fucking idiots, I leave you now to kill yourselves..."
by Your Lord & Master April 20, 2004
Karl Marx said it best: Religion is the opiate of the masses.
I don't agree with anything else (i.e. communist philosophy) that Marx said, but I agree with him on this one.
by RyanTheMan August 11, 2004
There are several types of religions on this planet. Each as crazy as the next. People believe in all different kinds of higher powers or Gods. Why is YOURS the right one? Christianity for example is ruining the united states. The Bible is in essence of a book of magic and miracles. In the stories of the Bible, God talked to people, and miracles happened, why doesnt that happen anymore today? Because it never happened, and the Bible was written by man. One last thing...consider this, there are a growing number of people who believe that we descend from alien life(me not being one of them), and you may laugh at that theory. But there is a mountain of evidence(even evidence documented by the U.S. government, yes it's true. Don't believe me? Well it's certainly out there) pointing to the existance of extra-terestrial life compared to the NO evidence of the existance of God. That is all.
The opium of the masses.
by Max January 14, 2005
A denomination, lifestyle, following. A personal choice to follow the higher power one believes in.
Christianity is my religion.
by Emulah June 20, 2011
Religion may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money and compliance from it in order to carry out the will of the few.
Pick a war any war.

And HE said unto the people gathered before the cross "I can see my house from here"
by Self Aware&Carbon Based March 27, 2005
A system of organised belief, based on unproven and unprovable events and theories. Those who practise religion would claim that not being able to prove them is the point. Anyone with a brain would say that that was a load of bullshit.
by Steroozi May 29, 2004

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